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Good value for the money, the Primeros combined fine Dominican filler and binder with a Connecticut-seeded Ecuadorian wrapper, delivering a smooth, mild taste that is appealing to a broad spectrum of cigar aficionados.
Hand rolled in the Dominican Republic; Primeros offer a quality cigar to the bargain hunters among us.

Mass-produced doesn’t have to mean you have to smoke something that tastes like a well-aged rope dipped in motor oil. Far from it, the Dominican cigars have gained a world-wide reputation for the quality of the tobaccos used and for the craftsmanship inherent in the various products; excellent training programs can be thanked for the continuing consistent construction of the best cigars.

The Dominican Primeros aren’t collectors’ items and probably won’t show up in exclusive humidors. That’s okay. That’s not what they are intended to be. They are merely meant to be the very best available everyday cigar you can buy for the money. They hit the mark every time in that regard.

This simply good cigar will only set you back $1 or $2 dollars if you buy them in bulk. For example, a wheel of 50 Churchills, Robustos, or Toros bears the unbelievable price of $50. At that price point, you can smoke one during the day and have an extra to enjoy in the evenings. Grab two wheels so you never run out of this great smoke.