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ABOUTPartagas Spanish Rosado

The Partagas brand is renowned for the depth and complexity of its cigars. The extraordinary Spanish Rosado is a prime example of the products that established the Partagas name worldwide.
A unique and rosy-hued Honduran San Agustin wrapper is only one component of this fine cigar, but it’s the first indicator of what lies in store of the knowledgeable aficionado. Within it lie Honduran, Dominican, and Mexican fillers blended by the skilled hand of Daniel Nunez. Holding all this together is a Connecticut Broadleaf binder, a leaf more commonly seen as a wrapper. In a lesser cigar, this would be heresy. In a Partagas Spanish Rosado, it is genius.
Of a solid construction the Spanish Rosado burns evenly if a bit slowly. You’ll need to set aside ample time to savor this cigar. This will not be time wasted, it will be time invested.
What comes out of the Spanish Rosado is an ethereal cloud of aromatic smoke, redolent of earth and flowers. Even nonsmokers will pause for a whiff of this smoke. However, the smoker will enjoy the totality of the experience. Notes of fruit and spice are borne on a wave of creaminess throughout the entire smoke. There is never a jarring hint of harshness.
Surprisingly, the Partagas Spanish Rosado was created as a daily smoke, most assuredly a bonus for those enslaved by its haunting complexity. For seven dollars or less, this is an affordable and enjoyable companion throughout the day.