Oliva Oliva SERIE V NUB Oliva
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460 Limited Edition

460 Limited Edition

Length: 4.00

Ring: 60

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ABOUTOliva Serie V Nub

Oliva Oliva
View our complete selection of Oliva Cigars: Oliva Connecticut Reserve Oliva Serie G Maduro Oliva Serie V Oliva Master Blends III Oliva Serie O Cain by Oliva Oliva Serie G Cameroon Oliva Serie O Maduro Nub by Oliva Producing a comprehensive overview of Oliva cigars would be like writing a manual on how to build the quintessential cigar company. The story begins with the Oliva Family’s commitment to creating excellent cigars that isn’t just a motto but a way of life they have demonstrated for well over a century. It moves forward by striving to build upon past success with new products that deliver new choices in fine cigars to their customers, those loyal lovers of Oliva cigars that rely upon each line’s quality, flavor and near-perfect smoking qualities. To mention one line in the Oliva collection you feel you really should mention them all, but space won’t allow it. The Oliva Serie O cigars is a good place to begin. These sticks are filled with Oliva’s “O”riginal blend featuring Nicaraguan tobaccos of the highest caliber. They epitomize what a straightforward, dare we say basic cigar should be. The produce a baseline of excellence that is an industry standard, demonstrated by 90+ ratings of the greatest prestige. The Oliva Serie V cigars are chock full of delicious Ligero seed tobaccos that give rise to the V label, short for Very strong. Not just dynamic, they are full of complexity and nuance. They are the full-bodied choice of cigar connoisseurs who gravitate toward power that also demonstrates real depth. If you enjoy cigars that begin life as medium-bodied and tasty before becoming powerhouses of flavor and boldness then you’ve just found your next go-to smoke in this category. The Oliva Family is never content to leave well-enough alone. Younger generations of the family are committed to exploring new possibilities which the Oliva patriarchs fully support. That spirit of innovation has made possible the Cain cigars by Oliva and the Nub line, both of which have garnered high praise from traditional cigar smokers and newcomers to the hobby. That perfect balance of tradition and exploration will continue to make Oliva one of the most relevant cigar makers in the world for generations to come.