Length: 4.00

Ring: 60

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ABOUTNub Habano

The Oliva Family is steeped in some of the richest cigar-making tradition to be found anywhere. But rather than rest on its many illustrious accomplishments – the 94-rated Oliva Serie V to name just one – the family has continued to innovate and stay current. Their line, Cain Cigars by Oliva, is testament to their creative spirit and their understanding that new generations call for new products to suit their tastes and their lifestyle.

The Cain line is a stunner, and has been much sought after since its debut in 2009. The distinguishing characteristic of the label is its use of only Nicaraguan tobaccos so that the cigars produced are full of flavor and powerful enough to please any fan of full-bodied smokes. The Ligero seed fillers aren’t just potent. They also pack plenty of zest and flavor that is enhanced by your choice of two perfectly complementary wrappers. The Habano wrapper is crisp, clean and smooth. It adorns the Cain Habano Robusto, the deftly wrapped Cain Habano Torpedo and the big, bold Cain Double Toro that tips the scales at a beefy 6.0/60. Maduro lovers will swoon over the oily sweet leaf on each of the Maduro-wrapped vitolas including the Cain Maduro Robusto, the Cain Maduro Torpedo and that hardy mouthful, the Cain Double Toro Maduro.

There’s plenty of Nicaraguan kick in each of the Cain by Oliva cigars, making them a fantastic choice for the moderate to seasoned smoker. They go very well with activity and are a favorite on the golf course as well as around the poker table. Reminiscent of the Cohiba XV 550 and even the vaunted Oliva Serie V, these cigars will wake you up and keep your attention through an enjoyable, varied and totally tasty smoke.