Montecristo Montecristo ESPADA ESTOQUE Montecristo
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Ring: 50

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ABOUTMontecristo Espada Estoque

Montecristo Montecristo
View our selection of Montecristo Cigars: Montecristo Classic Montecristo Platinum Montecristo White Label Montecristo Original Montecristo Media Noche Montecristo Epic(Only a few left in stock then discontinued) Montecristo Espada*Newest Release* MONTE by Montecristo The Montecristo brand began in Cuba in 1935, utilizing the famed Cohiba tobacco favored by many for its reputed medicinal purposes. The brand disappeared after the Cuban trade embargo began in the early 1960s, emerging once again in 1995. Now made in the Dominican Republic by Cuban expatriates, the Montecristo brand has reestablished it reputation and now enjoys a large following among cigar aficionados. A Montecristo offers something for nearly everyone to enjoy. Medium-bodied, these cigars are long on complexity and short on harshness. The admirable Cohiba filler is surrounded by a mellow Connecticut Shadeleaf wrapper, two ingredients guaranteed to deliver a pleasurable smoke. Montecristos vary in the flavors they deliver. The #1tends to the dry and woody side, a good match for lighter meals and more delicate liquors. The #2 is a might Torpedo, yet without overwhelming the aficionado with its smooth and creamy presentation. The Montecristo #3 is a bit more diminutive at 5.5 x 42, offering a mix of coffee, almonds, and sweetness that make it a fine choice as a dessert cigar. The Churchill version of the Montecristo will delight a cigar smoker with a savory blend of salt and pepper, just right with a heavier ale or porter, while the Robusto delights the nose as well as the palate with a nuttiness that is indescribable.