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All brands seek name recognition, a key factor in a company’s success. Montecristo Cigars is a name instantly recognized by longtime cigar connoisseurs and newcomers to the hobby, as well. For what is it recognized? The list is long and all good. It begins with a tradition of outstanding quality. Light a Montecristo Churchill for example, classically sized at 7.0 inches and a 47 ring gauge, and you’ll enjoy the fruit of decades of cigar-making expertise that began long ago in Cuba. Now carried on in the Dominican Republic, Montecristo cigars are produced with the same obsessive commitment to perfection that made them great in the first place.

In the world of premium cigars the designation “classic” can really mean only one thing: The cigars are crafted to have the high quality look, feel and flavor of a traditional Cuban cigar. In the Montecristo Classic Cigars you will enjoy Cubanesque virtues in every detail. The tobaccos are grown in Honduras, often from a variety of Cuban seed, and develop vibrantly delicious flavors in the middle of the taste spectrum. However, it is no middle of the road pleasure you’ll discover. Be prepared to enjoy some of the most highly rated cigars in this part of the palate, delectable cigars like the Montecristo Classic no. 1. These long and lithe sticks are 6.6 inches in length with a modest 44 ring gauge, a size many aficionados find fits the flavors perfectly.

The White is a medium-bodied cigar with creamy and nutty flavors followed by a sweet, spicy finish. It comes in a hand lacquered white box and is available in nine sizes. The White label superbly compliments the original blend and is a fine addition to the Montecristo line.

A luxurious cigar, the Platinum is hand-crafted using a Mexican San Andres Cubano wrapper, a Nicaraguan binder, and a blend of Nicaraguan, Peruvian and Dominican filler tobaccos. This exquisite cigar offers the enthusiast a rich, sensual experience, providing a medium body filled with sweet, spicy flavors of cedar and cream, followed by a long, dry finish.

Midnight is the hour of possibilities. Anything might happen, from the thrilling to the sublime to the romantic. It is that allure that was the creative force behind the Montecristo Media Noche cigars. They exude mystery right out of the box, sheathed in a Maduro wrapper that sets them apart from all other Montecristo lines. The midnight brown Connecticut broadleaf invites anticipation when you touch its oily skin and smell its warm, inviting aromas. What awaits the midnight smoke? Your expectations will be richly met and surpassed right from the start with a balanced, complex blend of medium strength yet full flavors.

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Montecristo Epic(Only a few left in stock then discontinued)
Montecristo Espada*Newest Release*
The Montecristo brand began in Cuba in 1935, utilizing the famed Cohiba tobacco favored by many for its reputed medicinal purposes. The brand disappeared after the Cuban trade embargo began in the early 1960s, emerging once again in 1995. Now made in the Dominican Republic by Cuban expatriates, the Montecristo brand has reestablished it reputation and now enjoys a large following among cigar aficionados.
A Montecristo offers something for nearly everyone to enjoy. Medium-bodied, these cigars are long on complexity and short on harshness. The admirable Cohiba filler is surrounded by a mellow Connecticut Shadeleaf wrapper, two ingredients guaranteed to deliver a pleasurable smoke.
Montecristos vary in the flavors they deliver. The #1tends to the dry and woody side, a good match for lighter meals and more delicate liquors. The #2 is a might Torpedo, yet without overwhelming the aficionado with its smooth and creamy presentation. The Montecristo #3 is a bit more diminutive at 5.5 x 42, offering a mix of coffee, almonds, and sweetness that make it a fine choice as a dessert cigar. The Churchill version of the Montecristo will delight a cigar smoker with a savory blend of salt and pepper, just right with a heavier ale or porter, while the Robusto delights the nose as well as the palate with a nuttiness that is indescribable.