The Maduro line is not your average maduro – it is one of the mildest manudos on the market, yet it still delivers a rich, complex maduro flavor. The Maduro features double-fermented, Cuban-seed Dominican filler tobaccos and a sweet, dark Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper.

The Robust line was developed by master blender Daniel Nunez and introduced in 1998. The Robust blend was developed with the full-flavored smoker in mind. An authoritative cigar to say the least, the Robust features Dominican, Honduran and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos along with a piloto cubano Connecticut binder and a specially aged, dark Connecticut wrapper.

The newest blend in the Macanudo line is the limited-edition Gold Label. It has a unique taste thanks to the use of a rare golden Connecticut shade wrapper. The wrapper are hand-selected from the first and second primings of the specially grown Connecticut crop and are elegantly thin yet remarkable supple.

A mild cigar with a short, smooth finish, the Macanudo is known for its for its consistency and flavor. It is a straight-forward smoke that is as popular with enthusiasts new to the cigar world as it is popular with veteran aficionados.

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Our complete selection of Macanudo Cigars includes:
The celebrated Macanudo is a favorite among connoisseurs and novices alike and has been for several decades. Smooth and mild, it appeals to both the uninitiated and to those whose palates appreciate something a little more subtle.

Macanudo cigars were originally an offshoot of the Punch brand but soon gained their own following. Their first place of origin was in Jamaica under the General Cigar umbrella. Conditions were not especially favorable there, so operations were relocated to the Dominican Republic where they are still made today.

Dominican filler tobaccos lie at the center of a Macanudo, enveloped in a silky and mild Connecticut shadeleaf wrapper. Perhaps the magic that lies within the Macanudo is the special qualities of its binder, a special leaf only grown in the San Andres Tuxtla Valley of Mexico. While the cigar remains very much a classic, the wrapper underwent some fine-tuning in 1999.

Macanudo cigars are fine mild-mannered and mellow, declining to linger on the palate for very long. This is a straightforward cigar lacking a lot of complexity. While some may see this as a deficiency, this very quality makes the Macanudo a perfect cigar for those just becoming acquainted with this part of the good life. Smooth, with just enough richness and depth to keep you interested, this is one that should be in your humidor if it’s not there already. You’re guaranteed to become bored with a Macanudo. While it is regarded as a classic, it is constantly evolving in order to satisfy modern-day tastes.

There is a Maduro wrapper available, along with the 1997 and 2000 Vintage cigars, always a good bet if you’re seeking the best of the best. However, look for a treasured box of the Gold Label if you just have to have the top shelf of Macanudos.