La Gloria Cubana

The Serie R line is a fuller-bodied and more robust extension of the original La Gloria Cubana line. Aged several years longer than those in the original, the Dominican filler tobaccos yield a spicier flavor with undertones of coffee and cocoa that lead to a super-long, rich finish.  The resurrection of the La Gloria Cubana brand from the debris of the Castro revolution in 1959 into a mainstay of the cigar world today is nearly the stuff of myth and legend. Ernesto Perez-Carillo, a Cuban senator, packed up his tobacco enterprise and relocated to the Miami area. Reestablishing his business, Don Ernesto was flourishing once again in the 1960s.

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ABOUTLa Gloria Cubana

The La Gloria Cubana line of cigars dates back to Cuba in 1885. The “Glory of Cuba” presents a wide variety of hand-made cigars developed by Jose Rocha and Rafael Garcia, and promoted by none other than Pepin Fernandez, owner of the Romeo y Julieta brand. La Gloria Cubana was once one of the hardest cigars on the market to find. Today, it is manufactured by Ernesto Carillo in the Dominican Republic and one of the fullest-bodied cigars on the market. With a deliciously rich and earthy aroma, and a spicy finish, La Gloria Cubana cigars draw an incredibly demanding market and are produced in outstanding numbers with the help of General Cigar. Despite this, La Gloria Cubana cigars are still just as good as they were over a century ago when they began in Cuba.