La Aurora

Carrying a spicy aroma with notes of sweet, buttery cocoa, the 100 Anos blend is a smoking tribute to the Dominican Republic’s oldest cigar brand. Released in extremely limited quantities, the 100 Anos line is one of the highest rated ever made and was ranked 3rd best cigar in 2004 by Cigar Aficionado Magazine.

Released in 2005 to commemorate Christopher Columbus’s 1495 landing in the Dominican Republic, this blend is a complex, hand-rolled medium-bodied smoke that features an Ecuadorian Sun-Grown wrapper and both Corojo-seed and Ligero-seed Dominican filler tobaccos.

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ABOUTLa Aurora

The original La Aurora is alive and well today. Eduardo Leon Jimenes was a gifted and enthusiastic 18-year-old when he launched this brand way back in 1903. His craftsmanship is evident in this flagship cigar of his celebrated enterprise.

The hallmark of the La Aurora original is its excellent construction, unique to the brand. Still hand rolled in the oldest cigar factory in the Dominican Republic, La Aurora is a gold standard for premium quality.

This is a mild and smooth cigar, yet with enough complexity of flavor to enrapture even the most demanding aficionado. La Aurora is so good that former Macanudo fans switched their loyalty. There are notes of sweet chocolate, aromatic cedar, and stimulating pepper here, nothing too startling, nothing boring at all. All these luscious flavors are borne on a creamy smoke from start to finish.

What makes this superb experience possible is the incredible blend of the fillers, a carefully managed mélange of Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos. La Aurora sports a rich and exotic Cameroon wrapper. Holding everything together in harmony is a famed Indonesian binder leaf. Simply perfect.

You might expect to pay a lot of money for a cigar with this kind of reputation. You won’t. The average price per stick is $3 to $4, so you can smoke a La Aurora every day and not feel guilty about it.

These are so good, you might want to reserve La Aurora for your evening relaxation smoke. Smooth and mild, one of these would make you settle back in your chair and let the stress of the day roll off your shoulders. A nice 6.20 X 52 Belicoso will take just enough time to smoke to set your mind on better things.