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La Aroma de Cuba

Handcrafted in Nicaragua, La Aroma de Cuba Noblesse is an ultra-rare cigar of the finest quality. Silky Habano Rosado wrappers envelop a stunning blend of Habano and Criollo double binders, and an aged selection of filler tobaccos from the Garcia family’s farms in three key growing regions: Estelí, Jalapa and Namanji. Medium- to full-bodied, Noblesse brandishes hearty notes of earth, toast, creamy oak, succulent cocoa and bright spices. Though production is highly limited, La Aroma de Cuba Noblesse mesmerizes reflection with unshakable serenity

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ABOUTLa Aroma de Cuba

La Aroma de Cuba was one of the favorite cigars of Winston Churchill who made them famous by smoking them during photo opportunities. The original La Aroma de Cuba evolved into today’s version, which is probably somewhat different but still exemplifies elegant fortitude.

La Aroma de Cuba was first distributed by Ashton but it is now manufactured under the discriminating eye and hand of the estimable Don Pepin Garcia, regarded as one of the top masters of the tobacco blending craft. Under his guidance, this Cuban-seeded beauty is regarded as one of the finest boutique brands coming out of Honduras in our time.

Don Pepin specified only the best reddish Cuban-seeded Honduran or Nicaraguan leaves for the sumptuous Maduro wrapper, silky and oily at the same time. Then he had it filled with a delectable blend of the finest Cuban-seed Nicaraguan and Honduran fillers. All was then united through the use of a premium Honduran binder.
With its extensive Cuban heritage, the La Aroma de Cuba has that characteristic full-bodied and robust taste you would expect from a cigar of this caliber. Under Don Pepin’s guidance, the blend of tobaccos employed creates a synergy of flavor and aroma that are unmatched. His insistence on maintaining consistent high quality ensures that the cigar aficionado will experience the same stellar smoke from one box to the next.

Those who smoked the original version of the La Aroma de Cuba and the modern version believe the newer cigar differs only in a richer flavor and a more assertive finish, both positive attributes.

The Aroma de Cuba is very moderately priced, so you can enjoy one frequently with morning coffee and the sports page or in the evening with a rich potable.