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ABOUTJoya de Nicaragua Celebracion

Hope springs eternal. The brand is back in business and flourishing. Two of its most renowned lines, the Antano and the Celebracion, enjoy the prestige once enjoyed by their predecessors.

The Celebracion, like the Antano, is a Nicaraguan puro. Naturally, the fillers are very robust in nature. Whereas the Antano boasts of its “muscle” the Celebracion presents some finesse in the form of a mellow Criollo wrapper, a striking counterpoint to the Antano’s powerful but sweet Maduro.

Enjoy a fine dinner, one with some substance to it. Light up a Joya de Nicaragua Celebracion, take off your shoes and tie, and put up your feet. It is to be hoped that there is a glass of your favorite libation near at hand. The Celebracion, while not quite as macho as its cousin the Antano, is still a cigar to be reckoned with.

The first note to emerge is one of chocolate, followed closely by the emergency of espresso. You’ll also notices touches of nuts and wood, nothing overwhelming. The Celebracion ends on a strong note of pepper, something to help you remember it.

While the Joya de Nicaragua Celebracion is a powerful cigar in its own right, it’s not likely to deliver a one-two punch like the Antano does. So if you like a strong cigar that doesn’t bite back, this is one to sample, consider, and stock.