Joya de Nicaragua

The Joya de Nicaragua was one of the first brands of cigars to come out of the infant Nicaraguan industry back in the 1960s. With then-President Anastasio Somoza as one of its largest shareholders, the Joya de Nicaragua soon found favor among the power brokers of the world. Amid the political chaos that followed in the 1970s and 1980s, the entire cigar industry fell on hard times and began reviving only a few years ago.

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ABOUTJoya de Nicaragua

Our selection of Joya de Nicaragua Cigars includes:
Former Nicaraguan President Anastastio Somoza was one of the principal shareholders when the Joya de Nicaragua brand was launched in 1968. It was only in the 1960s that the Nicaraguan cigar industry developed, but within a decade, its products had achieved fame among the powerful and wealthy. The creators of this quality cigar drew on the resources at hand, the legendary tobaccos of the Jalapa and Esteli regions, to develop several smokes that became the favorites of presidents.

Literally, “the jewel of Nicaragua,” the Joya brand is populated by an array of smooth cigars. The namesake of the brand is its best-seller as well, the famous Joya de Nicaragua, with its blend of mild tobaccos grown in-country. The celebrated Antano presents a more robust experience with its Colorado-seeded Habano wrapper, resulting in a combination of earth and spice on the palate. The Joya de Nicaragua Celebracion also contains that notable blend of Nicaraguan fillers encased in a well-aged Habano wrapper; this is a cigar that makes the experts sit up and take notice.

Among the extensive offerings from this brand is the Flor de Nicaragua, available in two distinct varieties. One utilizes a dark and oily Criollo wrapper, while the milder version has a Habano filler enrobed in a smooth and mild Connecticut shadeleaf.

Whatever your preference, there is a Joya de Nicaragua that will suit you. There are some very fine cigars coming out of Nicaragua and this is one of the best. Having several different varieties in the humidor is a sure cure for smoking boredom.