Herrera Esteli by Drew Estate

If the Liga series is the cup of black coffee, the Herrera Esteli is the Cappuccino. Known for its old-school Cubanesque style, this cigar delivers on all its promises (and then some). Medium bodied, notes of spice, both earthy and sweet, and a long finish. A brilliant smoke, that if you don't already love, you're missing out! Try it today!

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Willy Herrera (master blender at Drew Estate) has made quite a name for himself, as he continues to release one hit after another. His sophomore effort is the Norteno, a full-bodied Nicaraguan smoke that boasts of bold pepper, chocolate, cashew and notes of espresso. It’s a powerful, ultra-flavorful and satisfying smoke that you’ll enjoy down to the last puff. Everything about this smoke is satisfying, including the rich, dark wrapper and the semi box-pressed shape. A dessert for all your senses.

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ABOUTHerrera Esteli by Drew Estate

Herrera Esteli by Drew Estate Herrera Esteli by Drew Estate