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Gurkha SIGNATURE 1887

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ABOUTGurkha Signature 1887

The Gurkha brand is the descendant of the cigars made by British soldiers in India during the Raj Period. They named these hand rolled cigars “Gurkhas” in honor of the mighty warriors from Nepal. The Gurkha cigars drifted toward obscurity for a couple of decades until they were resurrected about 1887. Since that time, they have reestablished their preeminence as a legendary cigar much sought by aficionados everywhere.

K. Hansotia & Co. is the current maker of the Gurkha brand and the creation of the Gurkha Signature 1887 is a nod to the originals. Utilizing very well-aged Peruvian and Indian long fillers for the body of the cigar, Hansotia binds them in a smooth and mellow Dominican leaf. The finishing touch, the wrapper, is available in either a natural or Maduro Nicaraguan leaf.

The Signature 1887 is a rich, robust, complex cigar, one that will be most appreciated by an aficionado with rather a lot of exposure to stronger cigars. The nuances of this smoke are numerous and require concentration to take notice of the panoply of tastes.

The entire Gurkha brand is known for its exemplary solid construction. You’ll never find one with a soft spot that spells trouble halfway through an otherwise excellent cigar. The draw tends to be rather firm and produces a good ash that clings to the end of the cigar.

A rich and complex cigar such as a Gurkha Signature 1887 demands a quiet space in which to enjoy it and to contemplate the tastes that roll across the palate. Keeping a glass of water at hand, as well as a glass of one’s favorite Scotch or port, is almost mandatory to refresh the palate from time to time.