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ABOUTGurkha Grand Age

Gurkha cigars are among the finest cigars made anywhere, the favorites of royalty and captains of industry. Within this outstanding family, the Gurkha Grand Age is without peer.

Professionally hand rolled in the Dominican Republic, the Grand Age is the only Gurkha that employs a tasty Cameroon wrapper that has undergone five years of aging. It enfolds three-year-old Nicaraguan and Peruvian fillers, all bound together with a Nicaraguan binder. The result is a rich, well-mannered smoke of restrained complexity. It satisfies without requiring a lot of concentration, just the right note when you’ve had one of those endlessly long days and just want to smoke a simply good cigar.

Subtly sweet, creamy on the palate, the Grand Age delivers a mild hint of cedar as an undertone. The predominant flavor is one of spice from beginning to end.

As with all of the Gurkha cigars, the Grand Age benefits from the amazing expertise of the rollers who make this entire line. Firm construction using wrapper leaves with few veins gives a fine and easy draw and an even burn. This is a cigar to relax over, so not having to constantly touch it up is an additional benefit.

The Gurkha Grand Age is one of those cigars you can smoke in place of dessert. Relaxing on the deck with a mellow cup of medium-roast coffee, perhaps with a small glass of a dessert liqueur on the side, and smoking a Grand Age sounds like a fine way to unwind after one of those days that never seemed to end.