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ABOUTGurkha G3

Gurkha cigars are the ones smoked by the world’s rich and powerful. By careful selection of tobaccos and constantly finding new and innovative ways of blending them, Gurkha continues this winning trend.

Strong, elegant, and created by the masterful hands of some of the finest cigar rollers in Central America, the Gurkha G3 yields a complexity that’s just right, deep enough to hold your interest without overtaxing a tired mind at the end of the day.

Only select Dominican tobaccos find their way into a Gurkha G3. The very small quantities of these leaves, coupled with the demanding construction techniques employed in constructing the G3, make this a rather rare cigar to find. Of course, this Gurkha utilizes a very tasty Cuban-seeded Maduro Nicaraguan wrapper, a rarity in its own right.

The demand for nearly all the Gurkha lines means that most of them are in short supply on the market. The Gurkha G3’s wonderful taste—comprised of hints of chocolate, peat, and leather—contributes to the high demand for this world-class smoke. Given its Cuban heritage, the G3 is meant for the seasoned aficionado. While it is well-mannered, the G3 is still a strong cigar, one that might overpower a novice with its firestorm of aroma and taste.

It is certainly worth expending additional time and energy in finding a rare box of Gurkha G3s. Having a box in your humidor will give you bragging rights among your cronies. On the other hand, inviting a friend to share an evening of G3s and rich potables will bear better fruit in the long term.