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ABOUTGurkha Centurian

The Gurkha brand has become synonymous with premium quality cigars in the past 100 years. That quality is nowhere better exemplified than in the Gurkha Centurian.

Originally developed to meet the expressed desires of the Sultan of Brunei for an elite cigar reserved for his private consumption, the 6.0 X 60 Centurian Perfecto was one of his favorites. This marvelous cigar is now sometimes available for public consumption but its limited production run makes it somewhat rare.

The Centurian’s torpedo shape, tapered at both ends, makes it a conversation piece. This construction is a tour de force of the cigar roller’s skill. Inside the mild Connecticut wrapper, though, lies a filler of robust Cuban-seeded Nicaraguan Ligero. With this composition, the Centurian is anything but just another pretty cigar. The Ligero has been aged at least eight years, resulting in a cigar that is rich and deep but not overbearing.

A handsome cigar to behold, the Gurkha Centurian delivers a flavorful but rounded smoke, exuding hints of nutmeg, cardamom, leather, and coffee, flavors you would expect from a cigar that was a sultan’s favorite. The rich, chocolate-brown wrapper contributes a touch of well-mannered sweetness that ensures the well-blended tastes continue for the life of the Centurian from the first puff to the moment it is extinguished. Its quality construction ensures a fine, even draw over the course of two hours or more.

The Gurkha Centurian may seem as rare as an Elvis sighting. Therefore, whenever you find a box of these beauties, snag one or more and stash them in the humidor against a rainy and gloomy day.