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ABOUTGraycliff Professionale Vintage 99

The story of the establishment of the Graycliff resort is now familiar to most. When the founder of the Caribbean’s first five-star hospitality facility, Enrico Garzaroli, set out to blend a cigar to complement his food and beverage offerings, he enlisted the aid of famed Cohiba creator Avelino Lara.

The two men came up with a cigar that would soon become the darling of the world’s elite. These original cigars would soon drive a demand that caused Garzaroli to increase his production enough to supply a select few individual tobacconists and eventually spurring developing of an entire family of premium cigars.

The Graycliff Professionale was first released in 1999 and is the standard by which other cigars of this line, and perhaps the entire brand, are judged. Lara incorporated the signature blended filler of Brazilian, Nicaraguan, and Honduran tobaccos. These were then encased in an exemplary fermented Indonesian Sumatran wrapper, using the traditional Cuban construction technique of folding the leaves in an accordion fashion before securing them in the cap.

The Graycliff Professionale exhibits that characteristic “tooth” that its siblings all possess. These Graycliff Cigars also tend to have a more power presence than others of the brand. The 1999 vintage, the initial release, was a harbinger of what this line would become.

There are high notes of black pepper and cedar here, developing rich leather counterpoint after a few puffs. Overall, the Professionale series is powerful and robust, yet still smooth and medium-bodied, not overwhelming for the experienced enthusiast who treasures a modicum of complexity without having to expend a heroic amount of concentration.

These are without question very limited-release cigars. If you can find a box, be prepared to lay out some rather serious money. However, you owe it to yourself to put some by in your humidor against one of those rainy days that demand a special treat.