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ABOUTGraycliff Professionale

Graycliff was the first five-star resort in the Caribbean. When founder and owner Enrico Garzaroli couldn’t find extant cigars that complemented the cuisine and beverages his staff served, he set out on an odyssey to make exactly what we was looking for. The Graycliff Original was born, eventually spawning an impressing number of interpretations.

In this iteration, the legendary Graycliff cigar brand takes on a bit more power and flavor in the Professionale. Avelino Lara, the creator of both the revered Cohiba and the first Graycliff, used his basic formula blend of Brazilian, Nicaraguan, and Dominican fillers and encased them in a very tasty Indonesian Sumatran wrapper leaf. However, this is no ordinary Sumatran. It is virtually vein less, ensuring a smooth, uneventful burn.

That assured smooth smoking experience sets the stage for a pageant of premium cigar flavor. Pepper, cedar, and leather predominate, stimulating the palate. While the Professionale is substantial, well-suited to the experienced aficionado, it is surprisingly smooth and medium-bodied.

Garzaroli wanted cigars that go well with food and drink, and that is exactly what you find in the Graycliff Professionale. It is the perfect ending note for a fine dinner and pairs nicely with a deep and robust wine or an appropriate liqueur. It is just stellar when accompanied by a fortified wine like port or Madeira. There is an indescribable synergy in these Graycliff Cigars.

A 7.00 X 48 Graycliff Professionale Presidente is a likely after dinner smoke, slim enough to accentuate a feminine hand but robust enough to set the stage for masculine conversation. While appearances matter, it’s the taste of the entire Professionale line that will have you reaching for one of these as often as possible.