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ABOUTGraycliff Emerald

The five-star Bahamian resort of Graycliff offers its guests the very finest cuisine and beverages, enhanced by its own proprietary brand of boutique cigars. Graycliff founder and owner Enrico Garzaroli availed himself of the expertise of Avelino Lara, creator of the famed Cohiba, to develop the resort’s first cigar for guests. This initial cigar gained so many devotees that the brand was soon expanded to include an amazing variety of smokes.

The Graycliff Emerald is one of the more recent cigars to come out of the resort’s facility. It employs the same rich and select fillers as the Graycliff Crystal—Brazilian, Nicaraguan, Honduran, and a touch of Grecian. However, the wrapper of this cigar is a delectable candela.

The cigar enthusiast will experience hints of wood, fresh-baked bread, and an indefinable “green” quality. These tastes mingle successfully, adding depth to an otherwise medium-bodied and silky cigar.

The Graycliff Emerald is a fine representative of the boutique cigars produced at the resort. This is absolutely a premium cigar. Due to its limited-release status, they are sometimes quite rare. However, if you stumble across a box, buy it and never count the cost.

The flavor of these Graycliff Cigars is delicately complex, so choose your food and beverages carefully. The candela wrapper’s mild-mannered presence would pair nicely with lighter fare, perhaps chicken or fish with a rich sauce. Potables should be chosen with care. You don’t want the flavor of your drink to overshadow the Graycliff Emerald. These boutique cigars carry a relatively stiff price tag. A single Emerald is about $20, so you’ll want to save it for a very special occasion.