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ABOUTGraycliff 1666

The Graycliff Resort is located in the tropical paradise of the Bahamas. The decision was made to create a line of cigars to complement the food and beverage offerings of the facility. From this simple beginning, the Graycliff brand has become a much sought-after cigar elsewhere.

The Graycliff is definitely a boutique brand, with nearly all its products being made in the islands. The one exception to this is the Graycliff 1666, named for the year in which the first structure was built in the area, the ruins of which comprise part of the foundation of the resort’s main building.

Using a dark and rich Jaltepec Maduro wrapper, the Graycliff 1666’s filler is comprised of a blend of tobaccos from Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru. The complexity afforded by this exotic mixture needs to be experienced. The flavor shifts from a smoothly elegant leather to earth to nuts and spice. The extensive aging of the individual ingredients makes these Graycliff Cigars one of the smoothest smoking cigars around.

While it is mellow and well-mannered, the Maduro wrapper does provide a bit of a tang to the cigar. Bearing that in mind, the Graycliff 1666 would go well with a medium-roast coffee with perhaps a sedate liqueur on the side. The Graycliff 1666 is available in three ring sizes—48, 50, and 52 and moderate lengths in the five- and six-inch range. One of these cigars will require a bit of time to savor and enjoy but won’t occupy an entire evening, a bit of pity because they are so good, you will want to linger over their amazing flavors.

These are very fine premium cigars, so you’ll want to dole them out carefully from the humidor on special occasions. The price range runs from about $13 to $16 per each, making them an extra treat after a successful day.