The Espresso, otherwise known as the Black Label, was released in 2003 to critical acclaim. It is a full-bodied, complex and intense smoke with notes of leather and black cherry. A dark and powerful cigar featuring a Costa Rican wrapper and an Ecuadorian binder, the Black Label is rich and handsome.

The Crystal, also known as the Pearl Label, features a delicious blend of Nicaraguan, Dominican and Brazilian filler tobaccos along with an Ecuadorian sun-grown wrapper. Full-bodied and full-flavored yet perfectly balanced, the secret to the Crystal’s spiciness is a leaf of Grecian added to the blend.

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The Bahamas are the home of the Graycliff resort right outside Nassau. This was the first five-star lodging facility in the Caribbean and Enrico Garzaroli wanted a signature cigar to complement his dining and beverage selections. Not finding anything that filled the bill to his satisfaction, Garzaroli enlisted the aid of Avelino Lara, the creator of the famed Cohiba.

Lara developed the original Graycliff as a limited release that was only available to the resort’s patrons. Demand grew, and eventually the Graycliff brand was expanded to include several ancillary lines. Today, Graycliff cigars are regarded as one of the finest that a connoisseur can squirrel away in a humidor. On the whole, these cigars possess a robust and rustic appearance and aroma, redolent of both coffee and leather. The Graycliff Original, the cigar that started it all, is comprised of a fine Indonesian wrapper that encloses a blend of Brazilian, Dominican and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos. Medium-bodied, it is both smooth and complex.

The Graycliff 1666 takes its distinctive taste from an exotic boutique blend of fine Colombian, Brazilian, Mexican, and Peruvian fillers that are encased in a tangy Jaltepec Maduro wrapper. These are the best cigars with a medium-body but offer an amazing complexity sure to intrigue even the most seasoned enthusiast. Along with its more traditional offerings, Graycliff now presents some more innovative cigars. Of these, the Graycliff Chateau Gran Cru is a standout because of its full, rich, and robust character.

These are only a few of the extensive line of boutique cigars made by Graycliff of tobaccos grown on its own farm. No matter what your preference may be, you must try one of these intriguing cigars. Once you’ve smoked one, there will be at least one box in your humidor.