God of Fire God of Fire LIMITED EDITION HUMIDORS God of Fire
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20th Anniversary
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20th Anniversary

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ABOUTGod of Fire Limited Edition Humidors

God of Fire God of Fire
Arturo Fuente is recognized as one of the finest makers of premium cigar lines in the world. The accessory maker Prometheus, named for the legendary god who stole fire from Zeus and gave it to mortals, has an equally fine reputation for quality, craftsmanship, and functionality. In 2004, these renowned producers partnered together to create the God of Fire line; quality cigars built by hand in the Dominican Republic by Fuente, and packaged in exquisitely fashioned boxes created by Prometheus. Raves for the presentation of the packaging coupled with high ratings for the stogies have made this line one to be reckoned with. Cigar lovers appreciate the full-bodied flavor of the cigars, which use Dominican filler and binder leaves hand selected by mix-masters Carlos Fuente and his son, Carlitos. In friendly father and son competition, the two men went about searching for the perfect blend, process, and presentation. It might be said that their efforts produced a tie between them, with everyone who enjoys a God of Fire stogie declared the winner. The chosen leaves were aged in drying barns until cured, and then fermented for years until deemed worthy of a Fuente label. Carlos chose a succulent Ecuadorian wrapper to grace his blend, while Carlitos Fuente opted for a tasty Cameroon. They were rolled by skilled torcedors, and then allowed to age some more, before being offered to the public. Whichever wrapper or vitola you choose for your personal experience of the God of Fire line, your palate will enjoy a memorable, hearty smoke that is smooth, leathery, and nutty, with a touch of sweet spice hinted at with each finish. Needless to say, these stellar contributions to mere mortals are made in limited quantities, since what goes into each stick is so uncommonly high in flavor and quality. Rare but not impossible to acquire, God of Fire cigars by Arturo Fuente are a mark of distinction for any humidor. When these cigars leave Chateau de la Fuente and are distributed throughout the world, they are ready to smoke, no doubt. But here is a dilemma you might wrestle with – with each passing year in your humidor, their flavor deepens and improves. How long you wait to fire one up will test your endurance. Why not pick up enough for now and later, and avoid the conflict altogether? If Prometheus pulled off his fire-stealing feat today, we know the first thing he’d do…light up a victory cigar—one named in his honor!