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Foundation Cigar Co. introduced The Tabernacle in 2016 which is a premium morsel for cigar enthusiasts. It is a bold cigar made purely from prime Nicaraguan tobaccos. The founder, Nicholas Melillo, wanted a full-bodied and flavored cigar rolled in a dark, shiny Broadleaf Maduro wrapper.

Aged to perfection, the ingredients are mixed well to create an amazing taste profile that satisfies cigar cravings for everyone. Be prepared to experience flavors of red pepper, spice, earth, chocolate, and sweet leather. You may also experience hints of raisin and ripe fruit. All in all, the Tabernacle is a must have if you are passionate for Broadleaf!

Founder, Nicholas Melillo said, “Broadleaf is more than tobacco for me. It’s something sacred.” The Tabernacle reflects that sacredness, if you’re ready to embark on an unforgettable cigar smoking experience enter The Tabernacle and order today!

As the name suggest, smoking the Wiseman Maduro is indeed a wise choice. The medium-bodied morsel is, somewhat, a follow up to the success of El Gueguense – although a fairly lighter variant. If you loved smoking the Gueguense Maduro, you will not get enough of the Wiseman Maduro.

Foundation Cigar Co. has rarely gone wrong in crafting premium cigars since its inception. Nick Melillo used the Mexican San Andres wrapper to give it a spicy touch. The cigar maker is often known for expressing hints of various tastes. With Wiseman Maduro, the dark, shiny wrapper gives it a bolder taste profile where you can experience cocoa, cashews, black pepper, espresso, leather, and sweet roasted nuts all at once.

If you love lighting up a rich maduro, you’ll be all the wiser after a purchase the Wiseman Maduro!

This smoke is a nod to the history of Nicaragua as the crossroads of cultures. The indigenous inhabitants mocked the arriving Spanish conquistadors in the colorful costumes and named them El Gueguense (Gwe-gwe-nes) or “The Wise Man.” With an incredible taste and flavor profile, El Gueguense is one of the first blends Nicholas Melillo crafted under Foundation Cigar Co.

This premium cigar is made of Nicaraguan tobaccos rolled beautifully in a Corojo ’99 wrapper. The shiny wrapper further adds the kick to the overall taste. El Gueguense is a full-bodied cigar ideal for those who love experience something extra, something different.

Well-aged to ensure a balanced taste, the blend is complex and elegant. Expect to taste notes of cedar, creaminess, and spice while you are at it! You’ll be El Gueguense when you order this premium smoke today!

The Charter Oak product line was an immense hit which urged the cigar maker to come up with another variant – the Charter Oak Maduro. Nick Melillo utilized the Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper to its fullest and benefited from its incredible aroma and flavor profile. Made of Nicaraguan tobaccos, Charter Oak Maduro is a budget friendly cigar made for every day smoking.

Nick said, “I wanted to create an economy-minded, everyday smoke for connoisseurs; something tasty and delicious but didn’t break the bank.” And, it indeed is. The premium blend and Broadleaf wrapper makes a perfect combination ensuring a delightful cigar smoking experience. With every puff, you are guaranteed flavors of chocolate, pepper, and nuts.

Smoking doesn’t have to be a rich man’s pursuit. The Charter Oak Maduro is a great place to start. Place an order today!

If you are looking for something perfect for every occasion, Charter Oak Shade is the ideal choice for you. Nicholas Melillo grew the ingredients used for this premium cigar in the same fertile Connecticut Valley where he was born and raised.

Foundation Cigar Co. paid tribute to the evergreen aroma and flavor of the Connecticut wrapper leaf with this cigar. This medium-bodied cigar is made of Nicaraguan tobaccos rolled in two unique, flavorful wrappers: Connecticut Broadleaf and Ecuador Connecticut.

Are you ready to experience a heavenly, lasting finish? Then it’s time to sit under the Charter Oak Shade and enjoy the ultra-creamy smoke with rich notes of charred oak, nuts, peppery spice, sweet tobacco, and cedar. It also gives away flavors of cocoa, cream, caramel, and espresso to further intensify the cigar smoking experience. Order yours today!

Downton Abbey fans...this is your cigar! Crafted specifically for the Highclere Castle (setting for the famous Downton Abbey series) and the real 8th Earl of Carnarvon, this is a kingly smoke but available to everyone. To craft this premium cigar, Nick Melillo used a rare leaf from the Nicaraguan fillers called Nicadan in order to give it an exceptional flavor profile. Foundation Cigar Co. introduced a lighter variant cigar in the form of Highclere Castle – a mellow-medium bodied morsel.

Foundation Cigar Co. used Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper for this cigar as well for its beautiful aroma and flavor. The mellow blend is perfect for those who love a lighter cigar every now and then. Crafted beautifully in a dark, oily wrapper – Highclere Castle features an excellent burn, draw, and smoke.

You are guaranteed a lasting sweet-creamy finish with strong notes of citrus, fireplace, leather, and pepper. Order Highclere Castle today!

“Most people don’t know this, but Jamaica has a long history of growing tobacco that rivals Cuba.” Nick Melillo. The Upsetters is the next level in the infused-cigar smoking evolution. Using a unique Jamaican cow tongue leaf, The Upsetters is a marriage of ancient tobacco farming and modern day Jamaican tobacco. The Upsetters is a full line of premium cigars that appeal to aficionados and novices alike. Foundation Cigar Co. has created a top shelf medium to full-bodied cigar line to satisfy your taste buds. Melillo is on a mission to put Jamaica back on the map for premium tobacco. We think he’s well on his way! Available in 8 sizes, discover your favorite Upsetter today.

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