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Flor de Oliva

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ABOUTFlor de Oliva

Our selection of cigars by Flor de Oliva include:
The Oliva family has been making cigars since their operation was based in Cuba in the years before Fidel Castro came to power. Moving their operations to the Dominican Republic, the Oliva family has been proudly making fine cigars since the move.

The Flor de Oliva is considered by many to indeed be the flower of the brand. The filler is made of the long-leafed Dominican tobaccos, cured and fermented to yield a smooth taste, and then wrapped in a sumptuous Sumatran wrapper. When first lit, the Flor de Oliva presents spicy and woodsy notes, but as the smoke progresses a hallmark earthiness mingles with the slight sweetness provided by the Sumatran. As you near the end of the cigar, this sweetness surges to the fore, leaving you tasting caramel on your lips.

With all this tantalizing goodness, you might expect the Flor de Oliva to carry a price tag that reflects its quality. However, the Oliva family thinks that everyone should be able to afford a good cigar every day. For that reason, these cigars are bundled. A respectable Churchill from one of these bundles won’t cost a bundle, either—about $3 per smoke.

The Oliva family also wanted to give their fans a range of tastes to sample and enjoy. Cigar aficionados can choose from the Corojo, the Gold, the Natural, and the Maduro. The first three provide that pervasive and mellow sweetness. The Maduro adds its own unforgettable tang to please the palates of those enthusiasts who like a slightly more robust aftertaste.

No matter what your individual preference is, one of these best cigars will suit your taste. One of these with that morning cup of coffee and the sports page sounds like a fine way to start the day.