Don Tomas

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ABOUTDon Tomas

General Cigar has turned out some well-known and well-liked lines over the years. Don Tomas is an example of premium cigars to be acquired at a very reasonable price. The basic Don Tomas starts with Honduran long-fillers and adds wrappers of diverse origins to give the cigar smoker a satisfying experience. Variations on this theme provide some nice surprises along the way.

The Don Tomas Clasico, first unveiled in 1958, has the good flavor you expect from a Honduran tobacco enfolded in a tasty natural Cameroon wrapper. It offers a mild and creamy taste enjoyed by millions over the years.

The Don Tomas Clasico Maduro delivers a bit more robustness to the basic cigar. The Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper of this product has received the extra attention that produces a darker leaf, deeper and richer in flavor that lingers a while on the lips. For those who love a good Maduro without a strong blast of flavor, one from Don Tomas is sure to please. It has notes of wood that remind the smoker of a winter’s fire on the hearth, comforting and settling.

The Don Tomas Cameroon line departs from the classic filler of Honduran, replacing it with a succulent blend of Dominican, Mexican, and Brazilian tobaccos. The Cameroon offers more complexity than the Clasico line. These are cigars that experienced smokers will enjoy as the changing flavors roll across the palate.

All blends are available in a range of ring sizes, one of them just right for you. The Don Tomas brand offers a premium quality taste at a modest price, so you can enjoy them often. An impressive 7.0 X 50 Presidente would be a fine companion with a glass of your favorite potable, one that isn’t too strong.