The Maduro line is not your average maduro – it is one of the mildest manudos on the market, yet it still delivers a rich, complex maduro flavor. The Maduro features double-fermented, Cuban-seed Dominican filler tobaccos and a sweet, dark Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper.

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“It’s all about taste. Sure they look good on the outside, but what makes Cusano cigars so great is what’s on the inside.” Cusano cigars truly are all about taste. They began in 1995 when Michael Chiusano took a risk with his own resources and created his own brand of cigars. Over ten years later, his brand is booming. The original blend, the Hermanos, was made with a Connecticut shade wrapper and a Dominican-grown maduro wrapper, creating an outstanding taste. The Hermanos Vintage blend is a milder, creamier and sweeter blend with a Connecticut shade and only available in a limited supply. Also offered are the C10 – a 10th Anniversary limited edition blend, the 18 Double Connecticut – constructed with 18-year-old Dominican filler tobaccos, the 18 Paired Maduro – created with two exquisite maduro wrappers, and the Corojo – rated 91 by Cigar Insider. Cusano is all about taste. You should be too.