Cuesta Rey

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ABOUTCuesta Rey

If you are looking for nice cigars to add to your personal stash, consider including a Cuesta-Rey. A product of the J.C. Newman Cigar Company, this exemplary cigar is hand rolled in the Tabacalera A. Fuente factory in the Dominican Republic. Its place of manufacture provides a hint of its quality.

A medium-bodied, medium-flavored line, there are other options, though. Across its product lines, the Cuesta-Reys offer the same Dominican long-fillers aged five years. However, the use of different wrappers creates a spectrum of varying tastes.

The Cuesta-Rey Centenario contains the Dominican long-fillers just described. However, there are two wrappers available, offering some choice in the level of flavor in these Cuesta Rey Cigars. Connecticut Shade is used for the natural-wrapper variety, while Connecticut Broadleaf is the wrapper for the Maduro version of this cigar. The flavor is mild in the Centenario series, but it still offers a wonderful medley of creamy, toasty and woodsy in the Shadeleaf, and the Maduro is earthier with notes of chocolate.

The Cuesta-Rey Centro Fino Sun Grown offers a somewhat brawnier experience when you light one up. This one leans toward the Maduro side, taking advantage of a tasty Sumatran-seeded Ecuadorian Centro Fino, the fine center of the tobacco plant, to add that special “something else” associated with aged Maduros. The filler is comprised of five-year old Dominican tobacco; tobacco aged this long just has to be velvety smooth. The Centro Fino is medium-bodied and complex enough to satisfy the long-time cigar enthusiast, offering chocolate, coffee, and spice.

Cuesta-Rey was one of only a handful of cigar makers in the United States, producing a cigar of such premium quality that it sold its entire output to the Spanish royalty. That is certainly the accolades, because the Spanish royal house believed in living well. You should to the same.