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Corona Gorda

Length: 5.70

Ring: 46

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11 18

Length: 6.00

Ring: 54

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Length: 5.00

Ring: 50

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Sixty Double Toro

Length: 6.00

Ring: 60

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Honduran-grown Cuban Corojo produces the rich, aged filler which is embraced by a lovely Corojo wrapper’s lovely, dark, oily qualities and somewhat toasty taste. The rare seed was smuggled out of Cuba after the embargo and is now grown at Ranchos Jamastran in Honduras by the second generation of expatriate Eiroa family members, respected for their dedication and expertise.

The precious Corojo leaf yield is somewhat limited. Relative scarcity combined with the demand for this fine tobacco means cigars made from it is often rare and expensive. However, for those who must have one of these cigars, the expense and effort in tracking one down are well worth it.

This is a one-two punch of assertive tobacco taste. The result is a robust and deep cigar, just the right smoke for a serious connoisseur who doesn’t frequent duty-free shops at airports often enough to acquire a box of authentic Cuban beauties. Only a cigar of true Cuban heritage delivers the distinctive flavors of coffee and earth to the palate like this. This full flavor does not fade over time but continues through to the end of the cigar. There are those who contend these are the strongest cigars every produced. The Camacho Corojo may not be a wise choice for the seasoned connoisseur to share with a rank novice. It takes time and experience to appreciate adequately the full flavor of a cigar with an august Cuban heritage.

If you don’t like taking anyone’s word on the power of cigars, the best course of action is to go out and purchase one for weekend consumption on the deck. Glory in the full taste of the Corojo components; savor the intense aroma that never fades. Dream of glistening beaches and sip a glass of dark rum.