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Carlos Torano VIRTUOSO


Length: 6.50

Ring: 54

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Length: 5.50

Ring: 56

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Length: 7.00

Ring: 50

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ABOUTCarlos Torano Virtuoso

The flavor of the Carlos Torano Virtuoso cigars is opulent, comprised of coffee, spice, pepper, and cocoa. This marvelous complexity requires some experience and concentration to fully appreciate. Therefore, the dedicated aficionado will enjoy every deep note of this outstanding cigar. Its nuances may elude the novice until his or her palate becomes more educated.

However, even the relatively uninitiated will appreciate the aroma of a stellar cigar. The smoke of the Virtuoso itself is redolent of chocolate and coffee, warm and welcoming and comforting. Just the smell of this cigar may attract an adoring flock of unrealized cigar aficionados.

A cigar of the caliber of the Carlos Torano Virtuoso requires a snifter of brandy or a glass of excellent port as an accompaniment. Given the heavenly aroma of the Virtuoso, you’ll probably find yourself playing host to at least one or two fellow enthusiasts and a few passersby with these Carlos Torano cigars. Philosophical conversation may ensue. Let the Virtuoso set the tone.

Those with a lot of weighty thoughts stored up will no doubt select the Virtuoso Crescedon, a mighty 6.5 X 54 Torpedo, for its lasting enjoyment. The more reticent should like the 4.70 X 52 Virtuoso Encores for its being to the point and brief.