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Carlos Torano

The Carlos Torano brand is known for the supreme quality of its products. The Casa Torano line is no exception. This is the cigar the company made originally for employees and family members as an everyday smoke—and these people don’t smoke just any cigar. Customers who tried Casa Toranos themselves were hooked and began clamoring for them. Casa Torano subsequently became one of the brand’s bestseller .

The Virtuoso is the first Torano to ever be produced with a Nicaraguan sun-grown wrapper. The blend of Nicaraguan, Honduran and Panamanian filler tobaccos delivers a dark, rich body with notes of roasted coffee, cocoa and spice. Another fine cigar in the prestigious Carlos Torano brand, the Virtuoso deserves star billing in a humidor. The Virtuoso offers a blended Honduran, Nicaraguan, and Panamanian filler encased in a rich, dark, and oily sun-grown Nicaraguan wrapper leaf, progeny of the valuable seeds Carlos Torano took with him when he fled Cuba in 1959 to the Dominican Republic. Of special note is the inclusion of the Panamanian tobacco, lending its touch of elegance and balance. With this lineage behind it, the Virtuoso is a surprisingly smooth smoke for all its robustness. It is perhaps the most assertive cigar in the entire Torano brand.

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Available cigars by Caros Torano include:
The Torano family owns and operates cigar factories in both Honduras and Nicaragua, and produces almost 20 million cigars annually. The Torano cigar line features a variety of flavorful and expertly constructed cigars.

It was Carlos who fled Cuba in 1959 on the eve of Castro’s nationalization of the island’s famous tobacco industry. Carlos took a supply of the Toranos’ treasured tobacco seed and three generations’ worth of knowledge with him as he relocated to the Dominican Republic, leaving the family home farm, La Esperanza, behind.

Through the next decade and a half, Carlos rebuilt his family fortune, teaching Dominican farmers to grow the type of tobacco destined to become Piloto Cubano. Transitioning from tobacco farming to cigar making was the next logical step in the Toranos’ rise to fame. Facilities were built in Nicaragua to manufacture premium cigars of legendary quality and appeal.

Carlos passed the family legacy to his son Charlie, now head of the family and the tobacco enterprise. Facing the reality of Daniel Ortega’s return to power in Nicaragua a few years ago, Charlie stood firm and refused to head for the Honduran border along with a number of his Cuban-heritage compatriots. Ortega’s former regime had come close to ruining the Nicaraguan tobacco industry established by Cuban expatriates. Charlie Torano was determined to make a stand, even expanding the family’s operations.

His fortitude has paid off for cigar aficionados. With a commitment to producing some of the finest cigars on the face of the earth, the Carlos Torano brand has kept alive the memory of the tobacco growers’ exodus—and the name of the beloved family homestead, La Esperanza, Spanish for “hope.”

The Torano Exodus line has received rave reviews and unprecedented demand upon the release of various homage cigars. The Reserva Select is deemed one of the finest cigars available today. Try all of the Carlos Torano line, and then stock your favorites in the humidor.