For those who remember fine Cuban cigars with more than a touch of nostalgia, the Camacho Corojo just might ease their longing. have established a well-deserved reputation for excellence in taste and high quality in construction and the Corojo line is no exception.
An attractively nutty smoke with a fine draw, an even burn and a touch of spice. Described as “the best Habano outside of Cuba,” the Corojo is made with original Cuban Criollo and Corojo seed tobaccos grown in Honduras’s Jamastran Valley and features an authentic Corojo binder and filler.

The Triple Maduro is Camacho’s most successful product launch to date. It has sold in record numbers due in great part to its remarkable flavor. The filler and wrapper are grown in Honduras and it draws evenly with notes of sweet cedar and wheat. With a thick, rich and peppery smoke, this cigar is sure to satisfy maduro lovers worldwide.

Like all cigars in the Brotherhood Series, Camacho Liberty pays tribute to the bond between like-minded men. Those who stand tall on a foundation built from core values and shared beliefs. Just as our forefathers sounded the bell to declare their newly won independence, Liberty rings loud… free of limits and unbounded with potential.

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Available brands by Camacho Cigars:
The name Camacho is one recognized by almost everyone who smokes a cigar even occasionally. The brand has become synonymous with high-quality cigars at a price anyone can afford. If you like a good cigar with an impeccable Cuban pedigree, you should have an array of Camachos in your humidor. As with most Cuban-type cigars on the market today, Camacho moved its operations from the island of Cuba after the trade embargo put an end to the export of its world-renowned tobacco products. Tino Argudin and Vuelta Abajo located a new tobacco source in the famed Jamastran Valley in Honduras, a place where Cuban-seeded plants thrive. Production of Camachos has never stopped and the company today acquires its exemplary tobaccos from what has become one of the finest growing areas in the world.

Camacho makes a very wide range of premium cigars, with some 16 lines on the market. Camachos can vary from rather mild and elegant to exuberant and robust. Appealing to a wide market base, there really is a Camacho to suit nearly everyone.

The expertise of Christian and Julio Eiroa was tapped to make a cigar that closely resembles the Cubans that long-time aficionados sigh for. Using the same tobaccos and methods used in the years before Castro came to power, the Camacho 1962 Pre-Embargo is a near-match for those legendary cigars of yesteryear. The flavor is classic Cuban—rich, powerful, but smooth.

The nostalgic should also try one of Camachos Havana cigars from the 1999 production run. These beauties were made with Cuban fillers aged more than 45 years and wrapped in Corojo leaf aged more than nine. The long-time connoisseur can imagine vividly what this cigar tastes like. Given the scarcity of the tobaccos involved, only Petits are available. The good news is they cost about $6 a piece. Keep these in your personal stash.

For the dedicated smoker of powerful cigars, a Camacho Triple Maduro just can’t be overlooked. Maduro filler, Maduro binder, Maduro wrapper: this is madness and folly, wretched excess. It is also an extremely pleasurable smoke for the experienced cigar lover. You owe it to yourself to include several varieties of Camachos in your humidor. The 1962, the Triple Maduro, and the Havanas are only a few excellent cigars that you really have to experience. These will provide hours of relaxation and pleasure.