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Avo Uvezian’s XO line features filler and binder grown in the Dominican Republic and Connecticut shade-grown wrapper. This is a dry cigar with mild notes of wood and earth. It is a mild and light smoke with a papery finish.

The binder leaf of this blend hails from the Villa Gonzalez region of the Dominican Republic and the wrapper is none other than a Connecticut shade-grown leaf. This is a well-made cigar that burns smooth and easy with notes of coffee and a dry finish. This series was created for the connoisseurs and enthusiasts of AVO cigars who enjoy rich taste and flavor.

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Avo Uvezian has dubbed his line “Cigars in Perfect Harmony,” and rightfully so. These exquisite cigars are made from specially fermented, matured Piloto Cubano tobacco from the Dominican Republic. Uvezian met master cigar producer Hendrik Kelner in 1982 and by 1988 the AVO line was born. Together, the two currently produce three million cigars worldwide each year. Uvezian claims not to be the cigar guru many of his fans consider him, but one taste of the AVO line proves otherwise.