A premium smoke that satisfies your palate - the Asylum Original! Kevin Baxter and Tom Lazuka, the co-founders of the brand, gained immense recognition after teaming up with Christian Eiora. Embark on an exquisite cigar smoking journey featuring Honduran full-flavored tobaccos. This medium-bodied cigar is beautifully rolled in Habano Nicaraguan wrapper giving away a reliable yet bold taste profile.

Another great quality of this smoke is that it won’t break the bank. Asylum Original is affordable, making it accessible for everyone. Rest assured, once you enter the Asylum, you are going to have a good time. Brace yourself to taste the goodness in the form of coffee, black tobacco, and leather. You are guaranteed a lasting spicy-sweet finish. Order yours today!

As the name suggests, Asylum cigars are good enough to drive you crazy. Cigar smokers who love the Nicaraguan puros should try Asylum 13 cigars – made to last! Asylum came out of its comfort zone to try something new and daring with its 13 cigar line, and it did not disappoint. This fine premium cigar uses Nicaraguan long fillers with Cuban seeds. Asylum used a dark, super oily Nicaraguan Habano wrapper which gives it a razor sharp finish at the end. The burn is smooth and with every puff you will taste sweetness, spices, cocoa, and espresso. Now, get your morning going with Asylum 13 cigars. Order today!

Asylum received a great response when it introduced  the 13 Cigar. Hence, the cigar maker decided to extend the production line with 13 Authentic Corojo – the master creation of Kevin Baxter and Tom Lazuka.     In the beginning, you might feel that the draw is a bit tight and it is less flavorsome. Once you are done with the first third, you will feel flavors cocoa blending into red pepper, and lemon zest – making it a very tangy mixture. The spiciness and sweet tobacco is there to perfectly balance the tanginess. As time passes by, the flavor of 13 Authentic Corojo keeps increasing. Rolled into a unique Corojo wrapper, this is the newest addition to the Asylum 13 Cigar family. Order to try this premium cigar today!

Well, to be honest – Asylum runs on Connecticut. Any cigar that is wrapped in Connecticut has reigned supreme in the cigar industry. The cigar maker made a wise choice by rolling is beautiful 13 cigar line blend into an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. This premium cigar is the fine creation of Christian Eiroa and Tom Lazuka. Asylum 13 Connecticut is a full-bodied cigar crafted to give you a heartier experience from the first draw you take. What’s better is that 13 Connecticut is ideal for even a novice cigar smoker who prefers a mild taste and draw. Get your hands on 13 Connecticut today before it runs out!

Are you looking for a cigar that soothes your brain? Well, look no further than Asylum’s 13 Medulla Oblongata. Another creation of the master duo, Christian Eiroa and Tom Lazaka, the 13 Medulla Oblongata features a strong blend of lavish flavors designed to give you a perfect cigar smoking experience. Asylum has utilized 100% Honduran tobaccos for binders and fillers. The 13 Medulla Oblongata uses a Corojo, Honduran wrapper which gives it a strong, long lasting, and creamy finish. Reward your palate with this fine cigar that displays rich notes of earth, tobacco spice, cocoa, and leather. Experience the divine taste by ordering the 13 Medulla Oblongata today!

Watch out Shrek! This is another great addition by Asylum to its 13 Cigar product line. The 13 Ogre – beautifully crafted and designed. If you do not like the Honduran products by Asylum, need not worry. The cigar maker has stepped out of its comfort zone to bring its loyal customers Nicaraguan cigars. The 13 Ogre is one of the best full-bodied cigars by Asylum. This premium cigar is rolled barber pole style in a unique Candela and Habano wrapper. This gives you the maximum flavors in every puff with ultra-smooth smoke. The 13 Ogre is best known for having the ideal ratio between burn rate and temperature. With a cool and long lasting finish, experience the flavors of chocolate, pepper, spice, and a bit of creaminess. You’ll want to be an Ogre, and keep these all to yourself!

Are you ready to check into Asylum 33? Asylum has been producing the majority of its products under the ‘13’ brand line which gained immense popularity in a short span of time. Many called them lucky – but, to make a staunch mark in the cigar industry, Asylum decided to move on from 13. Behold 33 that offers a distinctive cigar smoking experience. The cigar maker has only used those blends of tobaccos that are found in limited quantities or are rare. This allowed them to include multiple flavors that are perfectly balanced. Keeping up with the Honduran legacy, Asylum 33 expresses flavors of espresso, chocolate, baking spices, cream, leather, and red pepper. Even though it is a slow burner, the overall smoking experience is magical. Order the 33 today!

We’re not talking about Insidious – the horror movie! The movie might’ve had a negative impact on you, but Insidious by Asylum will ensure a ‘way’ better experience. A fine creation of Tom Lazuka, the premium cigar features a smooth profile and burn deliver a quality cigar smoking experience. The cigar maker has tried changing how it usually comes up with the blend for its products. To offer something different and out of the box, Asylum came with Insidious that uses an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. This is the first time Asylum has used this wrapper in any of its releases, and rightly so! You’ll experience the magic when you taste the notes of cream, spice, and nuts. Get your hands on the Insidious by Asylum today!

Did you enjoy Insidious by Asylum? Be prepared for a refined and more complex variant of Insidious beautifully wrapped in Habano. This fine cigar features a blend of Honduran long fillers gives it a smooth burn and finish. Insidious Habano is the creation of Tom Lazuka and Tom Baxter after taking a helping hand from the evergreen Christian Eiroa. Like all Asylum cigars, this Insidious variant also has a sweetened cap at the top and is flavorful from the beginning. With every puff, you can enjoy the flavor and aroma of cocoa, cream, and pepper.

Asylum had to bring in something for the Maduro lovers as well, right? A darker and stronger version of the Insidious, Maduro also comes with a sweetened cap at the top and has been critically acclaimed by the cigar enthusiasts. Finely crafted to offer pleasurable smoking experience, Insidious Maduro uses a San Andres wrapper and Honduran long fillers ideal for individuals who love milder cigars. People love lighting up this premium cigar after they are done with their meal – it is best known as a great dessert cigar.

You’ll find yourself attracted to the dark with the all new Asylum Nyctophilia! These are premium handmade cigars ideal for Maduro lovers. The duo of Tom Lazuka and Christian Eiroa linked arms once again to create this masterpiece that offers a full-bodied blend. Nyctophilia is a great option if you are looking to disconnect yourself from all the hustle bustle to have some relaxing time your favorite beverage. It displays strong notes of chocolate and fruits on every draw creating a sweet and creamy textured smoke. The burn, draw, and the after taste is excellent. Do not miss out on this dark-cigar by Asylum. Order today to experience it for yourself!

Straight Jacket is the brainchild of Tom Lazuka and Christian Eiora. The master duo in the cigar industry came up with this premium cigar which is not for the faint-of-heart. It’s a full-bodied smoke with a bold taste profile. Made of Honduran tobaccos, Straight Jacket is rolled in a shiny, chocolatey brown Nicaraguan wrapper. This wrapper definitely takes it up a notch.

Prepare yourself for an intense cigar smoking experience that might have you looking to be restrained. Straight Jacket maintains consistency and quality throughout its smoke time. With an excellent burn and draw, you will experience flavors of cocoa, pepper, earth, and coffee. Are you ready to go nuts? Order the Straight Jacket today.

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