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Length: 3.50

Ring: 20

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Length: 3.70

Ring: 30

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ABOUTAshton Small Cigars

Always anticipating the needs, desires, and tastes of its customers, Ashton Cigars has developed a special line of smaller ring cigars. There are four stars in this category, petite in size but still assured to deliver that fine Ashton flavor cigar aficionados have come to associate with the name. The wrappers and binders are made of Central African leaves, too brittle for use in larger cigars but too tasty to ignore.

The little sister of the Ashton brand family is the Senorita, 3.5 centimeters thick and 30 centimeters long. Next in size is the Cigarillo, 3.75 centimeters thick and 26 centimeters in length. Rounding out the small-cigar category are the Mini-Cigarillo at 3.25 X 20 and the Half Corona at 4.125 X 37. For those accustomed to the traditional ring sizes, the small cigars range in size from 20 to 28 to 30.

These little cigars are just the right size for a moment’s enjoyment when there isn’t time to sit and savor one of their big brothers. Their smaller sizes make them perfect for stashing in overnight bags, handbags, and odd corners of the family car. One never knows when a craving for a good cigar might strike.

Made in the European Union of the same fine tobaccos one expects to find in an Ashton cigar, Ashton Small Cigars are available in a range of convenient packing. You have a choice of a box of 10 small
cigars or a brick of ten boxes if you fear running out of your favorite.

An Ashton Small Cigar, no matter your personal preference, is just right for a quiet hour at a table in an open-air café’ spent with a good book and a cup of dark roast. When you’ve come to the end of the chapter and the coffee, tuck the box of Ashton Small Cigars in your pocket or purse. You did save a couple more for sharing on the deck after dark, didn’t you?