The Virgin Sun Grown line was released in 1999 and is the most successful of the Ashton cigars to date. A full-bodied cigar with a deep, smooth draw, this cigar is the creation of none other than Carlos Fuente, Jr. Carlos worked with Ashton cigars for two years to develop this blend. The filler and binder are made in the Dominican Republic and the wrapper is produced in Ecuador. One puff of this cigar might make you head to the beach for the day, but you’re guaranteed to be hooked on Sun Grown for life.

To celebrate twenty consecutive years of increased sales and overall growth, Robert Levin and Carlos Fuente Jr. have teamed up to create the Ashton Estate Sun Grown, or ESG for short. The ESG uses a unique Dominican wrapper grown on the Chateau de la Fuente farm in the Dominican Republic. This wrapper has never been used on any other cigar.

Ashton Symmetry reveals a beautifully proportioned merger of aged tobaccos from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. Silky Ecuador Habano wrappers unveil an unrivaled harmony of medium to full body, power and finesse. Crisp notes of spice and oak flourish early on, and praise an irresistible emergent cream. Savory nuances of leather and figs segue into a superb finish. Available in five soft box-pressed sizes, Ashton Symmetry escapes like a great secret and boldly inaugurates the inclusion of Nicaraguan tobacco into the Ashton portfolio.

A consistently pleasurable smoke for all cigar lovers, the Ashton Classic has a medium body with nuances of peppery spice. The blend of 3 to 4 year old Dominican tobacco, along with its rich golden Connecticut shade wrapper creates an extremely well blended rich taste. The draw of this cigar from beginning to end is never disappointing. The Ashton Classic is truly a smoke for anytime and anywhere and, like an old friend, never lets you down.

The Ashton Aged Maduro is a rare cigar due the extremely limited Connecticut broad-leaf wrapper used in its production. The filler and binder hail from the Dominican Republic. The cigar is initially very sweet due to the wrapper, but once alive and burning, has a very rich and nutty flavor created by a lengthy aging process in Sherry finished French oak barrels. The Aged Maduro is rich and complex, and is the perfect compliment to a neat scotch.

An even draw and a rich aroma make this cigar a worthy competitor in the Ashton line. The cigar shows subtle hints of oak and earth. The filler, aged four to five years, and binder are produced in the Dominican Republic. The wrapper, none other than a Connecticut shade-grown, is aged for an extra year and brings forth a smooth and creamy flavor. The Cabinet ends with a finish that must be tasted to be believed.

The Ashton Heritage is another of this brand’s highly desirable and relatively scarce cigars. Following on the amazing success of the BSG launch, Ashton was looking for a way to build the excitement among discriminating cigar smokers. Ashton uses the same Dominican filler that is characteristic of all of its cigars. However, the Heritage sports a sumptuous, almost legendary, aged Cameroon wrapper that adds another dimension to the experience. The inherent brittleness of the Cameroon leaf means that only a small proportion of the harvest meets the quality standards smokers have come to expect from La Chateau de Fuente.

Always anticipating the needs, desires, and tastes of its customers, Ashton Cigars has developed a special line of smaller ring cigars. There are four stars in this category, petite in size but still assured to deliver that fine Ashton flavor cigar aficionados have come to associate with the name. The wrappers and binders are made of Central African leaves, too brittle for use in larger cigars but too tasty to ignore.

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Top selling Ashton Cigars include:
Since its inception in 1985, the Ashton brand has become synonymous with high quality cigars treasured by both long-time connoisseurs and discerning neophytes. The creation of Robert Levin, who was searching for a way to revitalize his second-generation family cigar business, Ashton established itself swiftly as a denominator of the good life.
Ashton has produced an astounding number of truly superb limited-release cigars. However, it is difficult to outdo the complexity and fundamental delight found in its original. The Ashton original is notable for its mild but complex flavor, with a hint of cashew and wood. It is but a promise of what lies in others that now share its name and reputation.
Ashton cigars are all constructed around the same honored foundation, a finely aged Dominican filler. The legendary Connecticut shade leaf was the original wrapper, but in the past decade or so there have been limited-edition releases utilizing Connecticut broadleaf, Ecuadorian “cloud leaf,” and the rare Cameroon leaf. All these fine components are crafted into dense, easy-to-light, smooth-drawing cigars, a delight to aficionados and a relief to novices.
The legendary Ashton quality is in large part due to the expertise of the Fuente family, world-famous premium cigar manufacturers. Thanks to their high standards and generations of expertise, the Ashton quality never falters even in the face of increasing popularity.
The Ashton line is one that can be appreciated by nearly everyone. Having a mild to medium taste, they won’t overwhelm the unknowing and won’t bore the adventurous. While they vary by category, Ashtons tend to have a mild to medium finish as well, making them very desirable as after-dinner smokes.
At present, there are six different blends of filler and wrapper offered by Ashton. The brand presents something for nearly everyone without compromising on quality. The availability of everything from a mild and dainty 44 ring to a truly impressive 55 ring “torpedo” speaks well for this diversity. Flavors range from mild to the robust, which Ashton has managed to make rich without being harsh.
With so many fine cigars to choose from, the dedicated aficionado will always find an Ashton to suit nearly any occasion. From a relaxing evening on the deck of a sailing vessel to the intense sensory overload of a cigar dinner, Ashton cigars are welcome guests.
Removing an Ashton cigar from its very attractive box is an almost holy experience, especially if you have smoked one before. In fact, this careful and sumptuous packaging sets the stage for a true event. You know that one of the ultimate cigar-smoking experiences lies ahead. Smoking an Ashton verges on the sublime.