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Alan Rubin has taken his time with the Tempus line. In fact, he says that a great tobacco man once told him, “Listen to the tobacco, it will tell you when it’s ready.” Clearly Rubin listened, because this line of cigars has become a hallmark of his success. The Alec Bradley Tempus Natural uses a Trojes tobacco that delivers flavors and complexities that might just be new to you! (At least they were to Rubin!) The result is a medium to full Honduran smoke that will delight all your senses. Take a closer look at the Centuria, as it was named the #5 Cigar Aficionado’s Cigar of the Year 2017.

A quick search reveals many cigars from which you can choose when you want to enjoy a touch of class, but you won't want to select the first one you find. Some cigars stand above the rest and are meant to grab attention and captivate the soul. The Black Market Esteli by Alec Bradley is one of the rare cigars that will remind you of the meaning of quality and excellence. Each puff a smoke generated by this cigar contains unmatched combinations of leather, cocoa and pepper that will impress even the harshest critic, making any event much more memorable.

If you have never tried the Black Market Esteli, you are in for a treat that you won't soon forget, and you will know that choosing this cigar was a smart move when you open the box. Share some with your friends, co-workers or potential clients, or you can sit back in your favorite chair and keep the flavor to yourself. You will enjoy the high-quality tobacco for which Alec Bradly is known, but you will also experience a new sensation that you won't want to miss. If you are searching for a cigar that is as intelligent and classy as you are, you can't go wrong when you choose the Black Market Esteli.

In the world where most products are mass-produced, it's fitting to appreciate goods that take time, skill and artisanship. The Alec Bradley Prensado Lost Art is just such a masterpiece. The sequel to the Prensado, this exquisite handmade using the 'Trojes' Corojo wrapper which is grown in Honduras, and offers a blend of Nicaraguan and Honduran long-fillers. It's a full-bodied cigar with notes of espresso, leather, chocolate, and pepper. A superb example of what a handmade premium smoke should be. Full in body, rich in flavor, Buttery smooth and bold, you're gonna love it! Enjoy the Prensado Lost Art today!

The Alec Bradley Post Embargo is a goodwill wish for the future when the trade embargo will (hopefully) be lifted with Cuba. This zesty Honduran wrapped Nicaraguan and Honduran long-filler smoke is a medium to full-bodied treasure! Made in the Raices Cubanas factory in Honduras, you’ll never know the difference between a Cuban and a Honduran smoke with the Post Embargo. Each draw provides delectable morsels of earth, spice, cocoa, and nuts with a subtle sweetness throughout. This smoke will help you forget that the forbidden Cuban cigars are still off-limits. The future looks bright and this smoke will provide a smooth, rich experience you’ll enjoy to the very end.

It’s about “time!” The Alec Bradley Tempus Nicaragua is a alluring new addition to the Alec Bradley line of cigars. Using aged long-fillers from some of the most world-renowned growing regions of Nicaragua, Esteli, Condega and Jalapa, these premium tobaccos meld into one stunningly terrific smoke. The Tempus Nicaragua is a 94-rated cigar with an appearance that is a beautiful as it’s flavors are delicious. This sumptuous treat includes a bevy of flavors such as spice, pepper, cedar and leather and chocolate. It’s time to make time for the Alec Bradley Tempus Nicaragua. Try it today!

The name of this smoke “Tempus” is Latin for “time.” You can tell that Alan Rubin has taken his time to craft another delicious addition to his best-selling Tempus line. From the small farming region between Honduras and Nicaragua comes a tobacco leaf that Rubin patiently began purchasing in small quantities and curing. Over time, he had enough to produce this outstanding cigar. Picking up where the original Tempus left off. You’ll enjoy the full-strength notes of black cherry, cocoa, pepper, cedar, and creamy sweet finish all wrapped up in the rich and hearty San Andres maduro leaf wrapper. Another delicious addition to one of the most highly-rated lines from Alec Bradley, the Tempus Maduro.

Here is an instant classic, with the accolades to back it up. Named the #1 Cigar of the Year 2011, the 96-rated Alec Bradley Prensado is a bold and balanced blend of interesting flavors from the Nicaraguan and Honduran regions. Buttery smooth with an interesting bevy of flavors that are seamlessly blended into this smoke. You’ll savor the notes of roasted coffee, leather, chocolate and spice. Every inch of this smoke will leave intense and delightful flavors on your palate. A full-bodied blend you’ll want to savor every puff of the way! Try this award-winner today!

Those searching for one of the best-rated cigars currently in existence need to look no further than the Black Market. This offering from the Alec Bradley Cigar Company is one of the most popular in their repertoire, a repertoire the company has been growing since its founding in the 1990s. Launched in 2011 at the IPCPR trade show, this four-country blend has received nothing but praise. Black Market uses only the highest quality ingredients produced by the best growing practices, ensuring your satisfaction and leaving you dreaming of the warmth of Central America. This beautiful cigar is wrapped in a wrapper made of powerful Nicaraguan leaf, and a flavorful Sumatran binder blends perfectly with the filler, which is sourced from small-yield farms in Honduras and Panama. This cigar was created as a labor of love, and one puff of Black Market will leave you believing the hype. From the growers to the rollers, Alec Bradley Cigar Company views its workers as family, and it takes a true family to produce something as amazing as Black Market.

The second installment in the Nica Puro line is this rich medium-to-full bodied cigar, the Nica Puro Rosado. Blended from three different Nicaraguan tobaccos from the Jalapa Valley, Esteli and Condega regions, this reddish-brown Rosado wrapper hits all the right notes. This delicious blend delivers a bouquet of flavors that are truly mouth-watering, such as chocolate, leather, and nutty spice. Each flavor complimenting the next. Perfectly constructed, this handmade blend is everything you know you want in a cigar and a whole lot more. A golden child of cigars! Savor the Nica Puro Rosado today.

You can tell when something is made with love. Such is the case with the Alec Bradley Nica Puro. Alan Rubin said, “I truly enjoy blending with Nicaraguan Tobaccos. They add sweetness, spiciness, earthiness and strength.” Sure ‘nuff! The first puro by Alec Bradley, the Nica Puro is a 100% Nicaraguan (puro) cigar that shows off the love and care put in to each handmade cigar. Hints of leather, cocoa, nutmeg, toast and roasted nuts wash over the palate. Flavorful without being overwhelming, the Nica Puro is ‘puro’ joy!

American Classic Blend cigars is widely recognized for its smooth, Cuban taste. This line of cigars was developed for those who enjoy mild cigars. It combines the flavors of cedar and cocoa with sweet spices. However, it also makes use of a Honduran wrapper with Nicaraguan long fillers, which add a robust quality that can be enjoyed even by aficionados who tend to prefer strong cigars. This cigar exemplifies the best in subtle flavors and strong character. The slow burning is combined with an even quality to the draw. This is appreciated because it will not distract the smoker from the full enjoyment of the smooth finish. This cigar is ideal for any occasion, and it is the pride of the Alec Bradley line of cigars. This cigar makes an ideal gift, and you can be sure that it will be enjoyed by those who appreciate the smooth, medium-bodied strength of this mild cigar. The complexity of the flavors and the smoothness of the finish will satisfy a wide range of cigar palates. The gift of a fine Alec Bradley American Classic Blend cigar will make an impression on the recipient for a long time. Get this item in a box of five or 20 cigars.

Described as an everyday cigar that delivers big-time flavor by one of the world's top cigar makers, the Alec Bradley American Sungrown Blend is a perennial favorite among both serious aficionados and occasional smokers. Alec Bradley founder Alan Rubin worked tirelessly to find a perfect combination of flavor and intrigue. Aged for just the right amount of time and expertly blended, the American Sungrown Blend never disappoints. 

Bold but smooth with spicy notes and a hearty flavor, these cigars highlight the unique, dynamic flavors found in Central America's largest country. Presented in a sun-grown Habano wrapper, each cigar boasts a Nicaraguan binder and long fillers that are sure to please. These fine cigars are perfect for casual get-togethers with friends as well as special events with important colleagues. 

Rolled to provide a dynamic smoking experience, these beauties balance a tantalizing spice blend with apple and cedar notes to ensure that you enjoy the ride from the first draw to the last. Smooth smoke and firm ash make this cigar a humidor staple that simply can't be missed.

If you are looking for a cigar that will leave a lasting impression on your taste buds, you have come to the right place. Boasting a rare combination of rich flavor and smooth aftertaste, the Alec Bradley Connecticut will have you coming back for more. You will enjoy each puff as you sit back and experience the unique and intricate flavors offered by this unmatched cigar. As soon as you open the box and smell them for the first time, you will know that you have made a smart decision. You can join the many others who only settle for the most elegant things life has to offer, and you will be glad you did.

You can light one up for weddings, promotions or any special occasion that needs an extra touch to which you would otherwise not have access. Although the Alec Bradley Connecticut works wonders to highlight memorable events, you can also enjoy one of these outstanding cigars anytime the mood strikes. You will be thrilled as hints of nuts and cedar remind you of how quality cigars should taste. Not only does the Alec Bradley Connecticut dazzle your taste buds, but it also adds a touch of sophistication to any environment in which you find yourself.

Mundial means ‘world’ or ‘worldly.’ It’s now time for the Mundial to take its rightful place on the world’s stage. The Mundial is the result of over six years of patient blending by Rubin. He wanted to create a complex cigar and a unique shape that would honor his mentors. The Mundial was now good enough to be shared with the world and it certainly shines above the rest! The Honduran wrapper is from the Trojes region and is a perfectly-rolled perfecto which adds to overall visual appeal of this cigar. The Mundial is a careful mix of four distinct Nicaragua and Honduras fillers and binders. Full of flavor and smoothness that you’ve come to know and expect from an Alec Bradley. Order the Mundial today!

Step into the inner Sanctum. Your place for a peaceful and relaxing smoking experience. There’s nothing quite like the enjoyment a good smoke can bring. The peace. The calm. The relaxation and fond memories. You’ll find all of that and more in the Alec Bradley Sanctum. This blend moves away from the earthier flavors Alec Bradley is known for. The Sanctum is a combination of Honduran Corojo wrapper, a Costa Rican binder and a multinational filler. The result is a four country blend of the best tobaccos the world can offer. You’ll detect notes of white pepper, cinnamon, vanilla bean and almond. Next time you intend to enjoy some peace and quiet, include the Sanctum for your fullest enjoyment.

Keeping up with the Rubins isn’t the easiest thing to do. In 1996, Alan Rubin founded a new cigar line named after his two sons, Alec and Bradley. Since they were children, they’d have to wait many years before they could enjoy the cigar brand that was named in their honor. For the momentous occasion that marked their coming of legal smoking age, their father extended the line to include “Lineage.” The 90-rated Lineage is wrapped in a milk chocolatey Honduran wrapper leaves from the Trojes growing region and contains finely-aged Nicaraguan and Honduran long-fillers. Beautifully constructed, and with notes of earth, cedar and citrus, it’s a must try with a price that’s affordable. Add the Lineage to your collection, today!

Perfect compliment to welcoming that New Baby Boy/Girl into this world!  Alec Bradley cigars and cigar boxes are beautifully crafted for this special occasion.  You will be proud to hand out one of these gorgeous cigars to your friends and family!  The Box features a special wood frame on the top to place that first picture of your new born baby :)

The family is continuing to grow at Alec Bradley. The expanded Family Blend was created by the fathers of the company’s three top executives. The Family Blend began as a one-size line, and is now expanded to 4 different sizes. The family blend consists of a Honduran wrapper, Indonesian binder, and Honduran and Nicaraguan fillers. It’s as delicious as it is gorgeous. The wrapper is full of milk chocolatey goodness, and glistens with an oily sheen, common to premium cigars. Creamy, nutty and earthy flavors throughout that are both complex but sweet. Deliciously consistent, the Family Blend is an excellent choice!

Meticulously crafted in classic Cuban fashion, the Raices Cubanas is a full-bodied Honduran wrapped smoke. Made in Honduras at the Fabrica de Tabacos Raices Cubana factory, this sleek and oily cigar provides exceptional balance and complexity. You’ll enjoy the sweet notes of creamy honey and pepper. A unique profile that will satisfy the palate of a diverse range of palates. The larger 60 ring gauge means you’re in for a big smoke and long burn.

You’re going to love this smoke to the Maxx! This dark Nicaraguan Maduro leaf is a multinational full-bodied smoke. A medium to full-bodied blend is rich, smooth, and silky from the very first puff. You’ll detect notes of toasty earth, and natural sweetness throughout this smoke. Well-constructed and using a three-nation blend of aged Colombian, Mexican and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos, and a Costa Rican binder, this alluring multinational smoke will leave you plenty of time to savor this slow-burning gem. Unique to this line is the striking array of sizes. Each one quite large so that you can “maxx-mize” your experience and your value. Maxx out your humidor today with Maxx!

Named after the tobacco farm from which it hails, the Coyol is a robust, one-of-a-kind blend you don’t want to miss. Alec Bradley owner, Alan Rubin fell in love with the aroma and taste of the tobaccos from this farm, and if his taste buds loved it, we’re placing a safe bet, yours will too! A bold, medium-bodied profile with notes of earth, leather and spice explode on the palate from your very first light. But you’ll also detect the subtly sweet notes of cherry and nutmeg throughout. The draw and burn are lush and flawless, and in no time you’ll understand why Rubin considers Coyol his happy place. Order the Coyol today!

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ABOUTAlec Bradley

Available cigars by Alec Bradley include:
Alec Bradley cigars are so good, they garnered first-place honors in Cigar Aficionado in 2008 and were even named Cigar of the Week at one time. They still have pride of place in most cigar surveys and polls for providing a flavor treat within a well-constructed form. Honduran-grown, Cuban tobacco makes its way into this stellar cigar manufactured in Honduras. The Honduran filler is encased in a variety of wrappers, resulting in an astonishing range of flavor categories.
Its name gives it away: Tempus Cigars Have a distinctive red-brown wrapper grown in Honduras. This extraordinary leaf delivers a complex coffee-pepper taste to the cigar, one with a slow burn allowing longer smoking pleasure. This is not a cigar for the novice or the delicate, but rather for the cigar enthusiast who relishes a memorable smoke. Available in smaller 41- and 42-ring sizes for the before-dinner smoke or in substantial 49- and 52-ring size for a long evening over a bottle of cognac with select friends, it is difficult to overlook premium cigars like the Tempus by Alec Bradley.
Pryme Cigars are a limited-release product of about 1,500 boxes. Despite its rarity, the Pryme still offers a luxurious smoke at an affordable price between $5 and $10. The Ecuadorian wrapper is the source of the Pryme’s scarcity, taken from the priming of the tobacco plant, a notoriously fragile ingredient for incorporation into a fine cigar. A blend of Honduran, Nicaraguan, Mexican, and the Dominican Republic make up the filler, the heart of the cigar. As expected in a cigar made with this level of care and attention to detail, the Pryme is exemplary. Its aroma is rather earthy, its taste rich and complex. Despite its exclusive origins, the Pryme is surprising affordable, ranging from $6 to $10.
Continuing in the iconoclastic vein, the mild-but-wild may enjoy the Fix, the Maxx, the Trilogy, or the Freak. The most traditional and sedate may settle on the Spirit of Cuba Sandwich, constructed with a longer leaf the length of the cigar aiding in a longer-lasting smoking experience.