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Discover the perfect combination of rich, bold and robust flavors from the all Nicaraguan tobacco grown and blended under the supervision of AJ Fernández.  Under the unique Medio-Tiempo Habano Oscuro wrapper is a Corojo ’99 binder and a filler combination of Corojo ’99 from Jalapa, Criollo ’98 from Condega, Criollo ’98 from Pueblo Nuevo and a hybrid tobacco from Estelí.

Decadent and superb in flavor and aroma, Bellas Artes stands as a true testament to the fine art of cigarmaking. A proprietary AJ Fernández hybrid wrapper plays the perfect complement to the special binder from Quilali and premium fillers from Nicaragua, Honduras, and Brazil. Decadent and superb in flavor and aroma, Bellas Artes stands as a true testament to the fine art of cigar making. 

Have you ever figured out the texture of men’s soul? Then try having a puff of AJ Fernandez’s Enclave Habano Rosado! Even though it is considered as a heavy cigar and the draw may feel a bit tight in the beginning, it hits the sweet spot. The taste of AJ’s Enclave is absolutely delicious. Spiciness, creaminess, chocolate, cinnamon, roasted nuts, nutmeg, and cedar – all in one puff! What else do you need? Wrapped in the beautiful Ecuadorian Habano Rosado with an African Cameroon binder, you are in for a treat. Order right away and enjoy this premium cigar.

No one does it better than AJ Fernandez - The cigar for passionate smokers! A.J. Fernandez Bellas Artes Maduro is for those who wish to experience something sweet, subtle and light. Wrapped in a Maduro wrapper leaf, this cigar packs flavor that strikes the right cord. It is a combination of the typical A.J cigar’s old blend comprising of Honduran, Brazilian and Nicaraguan fillers.

While the design and size of the cigar is synonymous to the A.J Fernandez orthodox cigar line, the Maduro variant is a completely different experience in terms of flavor. The Bellas Arts Maduro uses Nicaraguan fillers, a Mexican San Andres binder, and a Brazilian Mata Fina wrapper sets it a class apart from other run of the mill cigars.

Do you love an enjoyable smoke that expresses multiple flavors of cocoa and coffee? AJ Fernandez never disappoints. And, it has introduced an extension to the Enclave line with a beautifully dressed fine premium cigar, Enclave Broadleaf. This is the first time that AJ Fernandez has utilized the Broadleaf wrapper which gives it a well deserved spicy finish. With every puff you smoke, you can feel a great blend of flavors such as cedar, earth, black pepper, chocolate, and cinnamon oozing right in your mouth. Why wait when you can have it right away? Order it now to enjoy the experience of this full-flavored and fine cigar – the Enclave Broadleaf.

AJ Fernandez never disappoints. San Lotano Oval by AJ has a unique shape and blend that matches everyone’s taste. Wrapped in a beautiful Ecuadorian Habano 2000 wrapper, San Lotano Oval keeps surprising you with every puff you take. This smoke is ‘brimming’ with Nicaraguan and Honduran long fillers and as a result, the San Lotano Oval has a deliciously balanced and unique taste. This masterpiece cigar has overtaken the industry by storm. So try it today and be lost in the true meaning of pleasure!

You’d be right to expect a lot from San Lotano Oval Connecticut, and the best part is, you won’t be disappointed. The oval shape, often described as a rounded box-press, not only looks cool, but explodes with flavor! The core of this Nicaraguan and Honduran smoke is a powerhouse with its silky Connecticut wrapper. You’ll enjoy a mellow to medium-bodied profile with notes of leather and cedar. Worthy of its name and the hype. Try it today!

Are you thinking why did AJ Fernandez think to ‘mess’ with perfection? Now, we all know about the sizzling hot blend of San Lotano Oval. With much fame and popularity over the years, AJ Fernandez started a new chapter with the Oval Maduro. The newer variant is picked up right where the San Lotano Oval left off! With the same unique shape, the fine cigar features quality and aged tobaccos which make the taste truly special. The exciting flavors of cocoa, leather, coffee bean, and pepper make it perfect. With every puff, you get to feel a hint of creaminess that enriches the overall flavor for a long delightful finish. Order today to make your tomorrow flavorsome with some San Lotano Oval Maduro!

If you have recently started smoking cigars, San Lotano Requiem Connecticut is the ideal choice for you. AJ Fernandez has extended its San Lotano line to make it available for mild-bodied smokers. Keeping up with the audience it is intended for; it is an incredible morning cigar with a mellowest blend. The San Lotano Requiem Connecticut is wrapped in a premium Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper and Honduras binder. AJ Fernandez utilized the high quality AJF Select Nicaragua as the filler to keep the taste mild yet delicious. A puff of this cigar expresses white pepper, roasted nuts, and a bit of creaminess. The dark wrapper gives it a spicy touch that is constant in the San Lotano line. Try it for yourself today!

AJ Fernandez loves to make everyone happy. The San Lotano Requiem Habano is the perfect choice for full-bodied cigar fans. This fine premium made cigar features a special blend called AJF Select Nicaragua in a Brazilian Habano wrapper. The Requiem Habano is categorized as a luxury cigar by AJ Fernandez and is truly a gem for cigar smokers. As far as the flavors are concerned, it does give a strong hit at first, but with time, the blend gets perfectly balanced to give an incredible long finish. Rest assured, it will be a memorable smoking experience with the taste of spice, wood, and leather to satisfy your palette. Try this beauty today!

Well, for some, the need for nicotine is stronger than the rules of men. This is why AJ Fernandez decided to unleash a true beauty in the form of San Lotano Requiem Maduro! This premium cigar is finely crafted to satisfy even the most perceptive palettes. Shifting his mind towards a different San Lotano Requiem product, AJ Fernandez offers a medium-bodied blend with a rich chocolate-like flavor. The San Lotano Requiem Maduro is a thick cigar nicely rolled and wrapped in a San Andres wrapper with a Nicaragua, Honduras filler. The box pressed Maduro cigar will give a sweet yet creamy smoke with every puff. Order this fine cigar today and rejoice!

Sounds massive, right? To be fair, the San Lotano The Bull is extraordinary! Crafted with excellence, this cigar gives you the right kick every cigar enthusiast likes. We really cannot beat around the bush with this product. From the burn to the draw and finish, The Bull gives an impeccable cigar smoking experience. Even though it is preferred for those who are full-bodied cigar fans, the perfectly balanced blend makes it ideal for everyone. San Lotano The Bull expresses flavors of cedar, natural tobacco, and black pepper with cedar being the primary flavor in every puff. With a unique shape, The Bull is one of the best selling products of AJ Fernandez’s San Lotano line. Discover why today!

Every cigar AJ Fernandez makes is for the eternity. After having immense success with the New World line, AJ presents cigar fans with a line extension – New World Connecticut. Finely wrapped in a Connecticut wrapper, the sweet mellow blend makes it one of the best cigars out there. This variant is not box pressed as the previous New World by AJF, and this is not the only difference you will notice when you take a puff of this. The rugged San Andreas binder and long Brazilian and Nicaragua fillers give it a strong yet balanced hit. The New World Connecticut is a medium-bodied cigar that expresses cedar, warm spice, and subtle notes of cream. Do not be the last one to try this pure smoking bliss. Order it today!

When you know you are good at something, you should never stop! Similarly, this is the case with AJ Fernandez and its New World product line. Behold the New World Oscuro – the wonderful creation of the most talented father-son team. The New World product line features a wide range of quality tobaccos from all over Nicaragua blended to the taste of everyone’s’ likings. The four main tobaccos from the region were handpicked to meticulously craft the New World Oscuro that is box pressed and is ideal for full-bodied cigar fans. You can feel the flavors of chocolate, wood, pepper, and coffee to satisfy your taste buds. Embark on a New World journey by ordering it today!

The New World brand is a work of art blended with the finest tobaccos grown by AJ Fernández from his various farms in Estelí, Nicaragua. Three different versions of the New World deliver a variety of flavors that enthrall and entertain the palate of any cigar smoker. Embark on the journey!

Whether you are planning to start your morning with a coffee or end the day with your favorite beverage, Last Call Habano is the perfect match for everyone. With an impeccable punch and quick smoke, this is a fine cigar wrapped in a beautiful Ecuadorian Rosado Habano. You can easily taste notes of walnuts, creamy cedar, and oak. Depending on how you like your cigar, the Last Call Habano possesses a medium to full bodied strength. This is the perfect example of AJ Fernandez keeping its legacy alive with Last Call Habano! Order it today to have a smoke of traditional and flavorsome Cuban cigar.

Winner winner chicken dinner! AJ Fernandez’s Last Call Maduro has been ranked as one of the top cigars of 2018. AJF decided to extend the product line where this variant is considered as a follow up to the Last Call Habano launched back in 2016. This fine cigar is slightly towards a cheaper option, but AJ did not compromise on quality. Last Call Maduro expresses incredible craftsmanship where a mellow blend of tobaccos is beautifully wrapped in Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper. This medium to full bodied cigar gives a lovely taste of butter, peppery spice, cinnamon, dry fruit, hint of sweetness, and coffee. A few minutes into having it, you may smell Maple syrup like aroma with every draw of smoke you take. Sounds incredible, right? Order it today to enjoy this beautiful cigar.

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