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Let’s cut to the chase, believe us, you’ll want to try this cigar! The duo of Rafael Nodal and Jochi Blanco teamed up to create this masterpiece – Quattro F55. If you are one of those who have not tried a single cigar product the Aging Room, let alone this magical partnership, get your hands on this today. The Aging Room uses a perfectly balanced and sophisticated small batch of tobacco leaves and other ingredients to make the sweet mellow mixture. Each cigar is box pressed and goes well with your morning coffee. The cigar is wrapped in the exceptional Sumatra leaf and displays ‘rich notes’ of sweet cedar and coffee beans. You will be amazed to see how perfect the blend is with every draw you take. Place an order today to try this fine premium cigar.

A  good cigar is a great comfort. This is where Aging Room never disappoints. With years of experience and leading cigar products in the past few years, Aging Room has reemerged with its latest fine cigar, Bin No. 1! Carefully crafted, the Bin No. 1 is made using a small batch of tobacco expressing beautiful flavors of a blend of natural and aged tobacco along with assorted spices. You can also smell the aromas of wood, candy sweetness, cream, earthiness, chocolate, and spice. From the burn to draw and finish, it is an excellent medium to full bodied cigar. Order it today to enjoy it while it lasts!

The Aging Room has been setting an example by using small batches of natural and aged tobacco in its cigar. The Solera is no different in this regard and is considered as one of the premium handmade cigars. Rafael Nodal, himself, spent time in Spain to learn about Solera and its aging system before coming up with this fine line of cigars. The Aging Room’s Solera uses Dominican Habano as the filler and binder to give it a unique taste. To ensure that you get maximum flavors at different stages of Solero’s aging process, the Aging Room has used a Dominican Corojo wrapper. With every draw you can taste flavors of spice, citrus, earthiness, and subtle honey sweetness. Get your hands on this masterpiece by Rafael Nodal today.

This premium Aging Room cigar line features a mellow blend of smoke which you can enjoy all the way through. Regardless of what you hear from people or online, the mixture used to craft Havao offers the best of both worlds experience. Aging Room is best known for making unique blends and cigars by using natural and aged tobacco in very small quantities. The Aging Room Havao is a rare product wrapped in a Connecticut Ecuadorian wrapper. With every draw you take, you can feel plenty of notes of creaminess and spice. All in all, the Aging Room Havao is one of the best cigars that uses finest premium tobacco. The Habano Criollo filler will double the fun for all cigar smokers. Get it today to experience the divine taste of this cigar.

Ever since its inception, the Aging Room held true to its legacy of using the best exclusive small batches of tobacco in its cigars. In case you have not tried the Aging Room and what it brings to the table for cigar enthusiasts, get your hands on Aging Room Maduro right away! This finely crafted cigar is wrapped in an ultra-dark, shiny and super oily wrapper, Nicaraguan Maduro. The initial draws might be a bit hard, but it releases plenty of notes of peppery spices, chocolate, and sweet ripe fruit. The Maduro is a fine medium-bodied cigar that guarantees an earthy finish. Order some today!

The Aging Room played smart with this premium cigar – the name itself entices cigar smokers to get their hands on Pelo de Oro. This fantastic cigar is a fine creation of a brilliant teamwork of Rafael Nodal and AJ Fernandez. And, the results speaks for how good it is. If you love the notes of spices and chocolate in your cigar, this is an ideal option for you. Finely crafted and wrapped in a dark Nicaraguan wrapper, every draw feels like heaven for the cigar aficionado. The Aging Room specially selected the wrapper for this exclusive small batch of multi-layered blend. The premium cigar expresses strong flavors of sweet tobacco, lemon zest, and a little bit of earthiness. One thing’s for sure, when two masterminds like Nodal and Fernandez link arms to create something, you can expect something spectacular. Get your hands on this masterpiece today!

Ever since the beginning, the Aging Room has only been serving premium cigars to its patrons. With the latest addition in Maduro line, Quattro F55 Maduro lives up to its expectations and boy does it deliver! Back in 2013, Rafael Nodal came up with Quattro F55 which was ranked the highest in the non-Cuban top Cigar list of the year. To up the game further, Aging Room crafted the premium blend of tobaccos and other ingredients in a specially selected Maduro wrapper, San Andres. The Quattro F55 Maduro is box pressed and expresses incredible flavors of earth, black pepper, chocolate, and oak. All in all, it is a better and improvised version of Quattro F55. Try this unique blend today.

The Aging Room strives to not disappoint its customers and the Quattro F59 is the perfect example of living up to this standard. For this fine cigar, Rafael Nodal teamed up with another tobacco guru, Jochi Blanco of Tabacalera La Palma. Therefore, Quattro F59 is a true masterpiece creation that satisfies any and all cravings of cigar enthusiasts. The duo handpicked a rare Dominican Habano binder and filler to deliver a much better and genuine taste. Likewise, the exclusive tobacco mix from Aging Room doubles the fun in a dark Dominican Habano wrapper. Be ready to experience sweet spice, leather, charred wood, and peppery flavors. Each cigar is medium to full-bodied crafted to give you a long creamy caramel finish. FOMO? Order the Quattro F59 today!

Imagine a cigar in a tuxedo – this is what Aging Room offers with Solera Maduro. A more royal, refine, and precise version of its predecessor, the Aging Room Solera. This fine premium cigar line is a magical creation of Rafael Nodal uses a specially selected Dominican Maduro wrapper and Dominican Republic filler and binder. The blend used in Solera Maduro is exceptional and expresses heavy notes of dark fruit, sweetness, and black pepper spice. Every puff is an experience and is a treat for any cigar lover. About this premium cigar, Nodal said, “By aging the different tobaccos together in bales for one full year, this enriches the aging process by enhancing the blending of flavors, and the tobacco gets some of the characteristics of the other tobacco.” Try this boutique cigar today!

Try some beautifully crafted Solera cigar with a shade. Yes, the Aging Room has introduced another variant of its Solera line using the same process Rafael Nodal used for Solera Maduro. The blend used in Solera Shade underwent the same aging process to get the unique flavors. This premium cigar is beautifully aged for an unmatched experience. Aging Room’s Solera Shade is critically acclaimed and has risen the list of top rated cigars in the world. The mastermind technique to create a unique blend sets this cigar apart from others. With every puff, you will experience cream, leather, and spice. Order today to enjoy an unforgettable cigar smoking experience.

One cannot stop loving the Aging Room’s Solera product line, right? Well, be prepared for another premium cigar that is reasonably priced. Without compromising on the quality, Aging Room presents its new creation – Solera Sun Growth. Rafael Nodal handpicked the Dominican Sun Grown wrapper for this cigar which makes it a great choice for beginner and experienced cigar lovers. This is one of those light cigars that gives a creamy texture with every draw you take. Solera Sun Grown gives away a smooth smoke with flavors of wood, molasses, and spice. Order this fine cigar today and enjoy at your comfort!

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