The Maduro line is not your average maduro – it is one of the mildest manudos on the market, yet it still delivers a rich, complex maduro flavor. The Maduro features double-fermented, Cuban-seed Dominican filler tobaccos and a sweet, dark Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper.

Best known for its quality cigars, 601 could not go wrong with the Green Label Oscuro. This powerhouse creation is a full bodied brute that uses the strongest blend possible in a cigar. Carefully crafted for experienced cigar fans, the Green Label Oscuro displays strong flavors of cedar, chocolate, coffee, raisins, and spice. The burn is good, the draw is good, and every puff will give you creamy textured smoke. The Green Label Oscuro is known for its ‘flavor bomb’ status. Rolled in a dark, shiny Habano Oscuro wrapper, this fine cigar is the most flavorsome in the entire 601 line. Order this well-balanced and sophisticated cigar today.

Enjoy the best of 601 brand line in its Red Label Habano – a strong full-bodied cigar. When you light it up, there is one thing you can say with no hesitation, the draw of this cigar is perfect. Well, that is not the only thing that will make you want you to try this beauty. The burn, the flavor, the after taste, everything matches perfectly to satisfy your taste buds. Rolled in a carefully selected Nicaraguan Habano wrapper, the Red Label Habano expresses impeccable flavors of earthiness and spiciness. However, if you are novice cigar smoker, be prepared for a spicy finish. All in all, order your box today and enjoy this beautiful cigar.

This cigar is the “bomb-a.” Introducing the evergreen La Bomba by 601. This fine cigar is another powerhouse from 601. Every product that is featured under the brand of 601 is incredible. Talking about La Bomba, the cigar maker has tried something different to offering a unique taste to cigar lovers. Be prepared to experience strong notes of cocoa, espresso, nuts, red pepper, and leather. 601 has used a bold blend of tobacco and other ingredients and rolled it in two wrappers – Connecticut Habano on the inside and Broadleaf on the outside. Order and try it today, you will see that calling it ‘The Bomb’ is an understatement.

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Available brands by 601 Cigars include:
If you’re one of those cigar smokers who crave a good traditional and full-flavored cigar reminiscent of the best Cubans, then the 601 line from EO Brands should find a place in your humidor. 601 cigars are relative newcomers to the world of premium cigars, part of the wave of new, exciting, and almost revolutionary smoking products making their way into the market. EO Brands, the brainchild of Erik Espinosa and Eddie Ortega, launched their brand in 2003. Now manufactured exclusively for United Tobacco, the memorable 601 cigars are blended by the revered Don Pepin Garcia at the El Rey de las Habanas facility in Nicaragua.
The 601 Original is medium- to –full-bodied, the result of combining the finest Nicaraguan filler with a natural Habano wrapper. It is this cigar’s piercing and bitter aroma that generates the comparisons to the famed Cubans. Indeed, it is the intense aromas associated with all the 601 line that have placed them in the limelight since their launch. The 601 Green Band is considered to be the most intense and aromatic of the line, utilizing the Nicaraguan filler with an aged Habano Oscuro wrapper, providing this cigar with its bite and tang. 601’s Red Label is a big favorite among those who like a more robustly aromatic cigar with a medium body and a less assertive bite. It features a natural Habana wrapper and medium-blend filler. Blue Labels also benefit from Habano Maduro wrappers and a very tasty blend of tobaccos in the filler. The Maduro component gives this cigar a well-rounded taste that demands notice. The 601 Black Label has a milder Connecticut wrapper surrounding a blend of select tobacco filler but it still offers the enthusiast a memorable smoke. “Milder” is a relative term when discussing 601 cigars. In fact, the 601 Pressed Box Maduro cigars are developing an almost cult-like following after being included in Cigar Aficionado magazine’s top 10 in 2009. The 601s are available in a range of ring sizes from 46 to 52. The substantial 601 Green Label La Punta Perfecto Habano Oscuro is 5.5 X 52, a classic profile for the dedicated cigar connoisseur.
A dark, mysterious dark rum is the only beverage that can stand up to the piquancy and power of the 601 cigars. These are the cigars for serious times and serious thinking.