5 Vegas SERIES A Archetype

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Length: 6.00
Ring: 50
Shape: Toro
Origin: Nicaragua
Strength: Medium-Full
Wrapper: Costa Rican Maduro
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan


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Consistent smoke

Review by Leonard Whitfield on February 23, 2011

Ive always been a toro man. I dont know what it is...the feel in the hand? The length of time it takes to smoke? The way it looks. If I cant get a toro in a smoke I want, I wait until it is available. The Series A is one of my all time favorite cigars. I buy a box each month and, mark the date on the box, and put it away to age for 4-5 months. This way, I always have a nicely aged, ready to smoke pleaser. I am never disappointed with these cigars. The prices are dynamite for such a premium taste. Less than $4 a stick! Ive bought sticks at twice or three times the amount that dont make me as happy. I dont know anything about the ingredients and I dont care. I dont need to rattle off this info to brothers of the leaf when we sit in my man cave and I hand them out. And when I do and my friends see the back log of boxes getting aged, they offer to buy a box. I give them a cigar or two, but I never sell them. Im selfish. This maduro is full of coffee and cocoa and dried fruit and creaminess. They all come bounding back and forth throughout the smoke. My palate is just good enough to know what I like. Ive tried the other sticks in the 5 Vegas line and while they are all good, the Series A is my go to. After a few months of aging, the sweetness just bowls me over. The toro takes me an hour to smoke depending on how greedy I am at the time. Its a shame that 5 Vegas doesnt have the resources to give one Series A free to every cigar smoker in the country. That huge expense would come back five fold. Cigars Direct ships these out to me every month and their customer service people are the nicest of any online cigar store Ive ever dealt with. They actually remember the sound of my voice so they say my name before I have the chance to tell them who I am. Is that service, or what? Make sure when you get yourself some As, get the toros.

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