5 Vegas GOLD Toro

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Length: 6.00
Ring: 50
Shape: Toro
Origin: Honduras
Strength: Mild-Medium
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut


The 5 Vegas Gold Toro is a premium cigar which is 6 inches in length and has a ring gauge of 50. These wonderful cigars are available in 20 count boxes and offer Honduran tobacco and a Connecticut wrapper. One of the milder cigars on the market, the 5 Vegas Gold Toro offers a premium cigar at a reasonable price. Each and everyone of these 20 cigars is hand rolled and crafted to perfection. Adding to its impeccable construction is a cigar that offers hints of pepper and wood while delivering a mild to medium bodied smoke, with an ultra smooth finish.
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Great price for a good smoke

Review by Adam Levine on February 09, 2011

his cigar started with a nutty flavor... maybe hazelnut and I thought I could taste almond. The smoke took on a spicy peppery tone that came up to meet the nutty flavor. The smoke was white and had a pleasant aroma. The ash was solid. The cigar burned perfectly. I have never seen anything burn that straight. About halfway through the cigar, the draw went from firmer to easier. It took about 2 hours to smoke. Apparently, prior to rolling, Honduran tobaccos are aged for a minimum of 5 years, then wrapped in a golden Connecticut shade wrapper. I could taste a caramel-like creaminess that follows a peppery start. But it mellows into a smoothness with creaminess. It stays utterly consistent from here on out, well-balanced. This is a great morning smoke. But I also found, that after a long day, it tastes great while winding down after dinner with a cocktail. The creaminess and nuttiness compliments my aged Scotch perectly. But the best part is that these smokes seem like they are giving them away. Less than $2.50 each! LOL! Thats a steal!

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