5 Vegas CLASSIC Fifty Five

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Length: 5.50
Ring: 55
Shape: Corona
Origin: Nicaragua
Strength: Medium
Wrapper: Sumatra
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan


Length: 5.50 | Ring: 55 | Count: Box of 20


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Excellent Tasty Stick

Review by Jim Reichardt on January 18, 2011

A friend recommended trying the 5 Vegas Classic Fifty Five. Its a nice, box pressed stick. The filler and binder are Nicaraguan and Dominican and the wrapper is Sumatran. The first one I tried was soft. Something was wrong. I lit up and within 1/2 the wrapper cracked and fell apart. I was not disappointed. I grabbed a second one and it was firm in the hand; not like the first one. Both were laying right next to each other in my humidor so Im not really sure why the first one was a dud. But the second turned out to be excellent. I checked the other 3 cigars I had and they all felt firm, so I figured that I just got one that slipped through quality control. I smelled the cigar and I could detect cocoa. Very nice. I lit up and got a blast of red pepper. This put a smile on my puss. I examined the cigar and the construction was very good. Hardly any veins. As I smoked the early part, the cigar gave off a definite medium body, meaty flavor. I got some tones of cedar and sweet wood. About 3/4 in, it started to canoe on me. I immediately used my lighter to repair it and it burned perfectly throughout the rest of the smoke. It didnt produce a lot of smoke....just wafted in the air. At the end of the 1/3 point, I noticed that it had a very nice, even, tight ash . The flavor was all wood and spice. And it had that meaty, medium body flavor. Half way through, a huge wave of cream entered the picture. The spice rolled to the back of my throat and the creaminess made it a nice combination. By this time, it was shoveling out huge billows of smoke. Nice. I noticed something that I rarely see in my cigars. The end I put in my mouth was staying well formed and uniform. This is a well made cigar. Instead of it getting all sloppy, it was firm all the way to the end. I didnt have to spit out any loose tobacco, even once. It has a very slow burn. It lasted a good 60 minutes. The cigar stayed consistent to the nub. Never harsh or bitter. I like this cigar.... a lot.

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5 Vegas Classic 5 Vegas Classic Fifty Five <p>Length: 5.50 | Ring: 55 | Count: Box of 20</p> 5 Vegas Classic Fifty Five 5VA5555 4 stars, based on 1 reviews 5 bestRating
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