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5 Vegas CLASSIC Churchill

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Length: 7.00
Shape: Churchill
Origin: 9.2
Strength: 9.2
Wrapper: Sumatra


The 5 Vegas Churchill is a truly outstanding smoke at 7.0 inches and a 52 ring gauge. This very tasty cigar is offered in boxes of 25 cigars at a price that will absolutely blow you away. While some cigar brands survive on reputation more than anything else, the 5 Vegas Classic label is just the opposite. They offer very affordable cigars that can be enjoyed daily when a blind test might make you think they are a high-priced cigar best saved for special occasions. In other words, this is one of the best values in the cigars industry. Since 5 Vegas Churchill doesn’t have the century-old reputation of a Cohiba or Romeo y Juliet the only way they grab market share is by producing cigars that taste great and deliver outstanding smoking qualities from the pre-light aroma and draw until you simply must put them down to avoid burning your fingers on the burn line. If you want a medium-strength but full-flavored smoke that offers creamy helpings of roasted nuts and sweet cocoa look no further than these oft-overlooked cigars. The low price point and the smooth smoke will help you relax every time you light one up.


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Good, Satisfying Smoke

Review by Phillip Scott on January 20, 2011

Im very partial to Churchills. I have the time. So why not. Robustos feel like an appetizer. But the trick is that the smaller stogies usually taste better and quicker. Their sweet spot hits almost immediately. While the Churchill builds to it slowly and with anticipation. The construction on this one is nice. Its a firm cigar.But a little light in the hand. Doesnt feel tightly packed. Of course the upside to this is that it smokes easily. Im not a big torpedo fan because I have the worst luck and end up using my cigar ice pick to open it up to let the air through. The start is mostly of wood and cedar. There is a slight sweet taste. About 1 in, I get some subtle white pepper. Thats good. My senses tell me its a solid medium body at this point. But if it progresses like this, its going to hit the full body mark. At the 2/3 mark, it opens up and I get a panoply of flavors.This is turning out to be a more complex cigar than the smaller ones. I like the smaller ones because while they may not be as complex, they have a nice combination of consistent spice and cream. I can live with that. The cream fills my maw. And the spice level raises. The wait is becoming worth it. Around the last third, its a full on freight train in body. Besides the sweetness, spice, creaminess, and cedar flavors, Im getting a dried fruit on the aftertaste. I cant pin point it. Usually, I can, but not now. Its a dark fruit, like black currants, maybe. The flavor profile is extremely consistent right to the end. It never gets harsh or hot. Of course, the key to that also lays with the smoker. If you smoke it too quickly, you pull the tar to the end of the stick. I smoke about once a minute once I get to the halfway point. That usually eliminates any chance of harshness or bitterness. This was an 85 minute smoke for me. I sipped bottled water. I give this an 88.

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