5 Vegas

Are you a smoker of mild cigars who is tired of smoking nothing but bland, tasteless cigars?  We all know there is no such thing as a complex, flavorful, mild cigar.  Until now.  Say hello to the 5 Vegas Gold, and goodbye to the stereotypes of the flavorless, mild sticks.  The Gold is rich and complex, without the kick of a full-bodied cigar.

Hand-rolled from Cuban seed tobacco the 5 Vegas (sometimes called Cinco Vegas) is a medium to full-bodied long-filler cigar using only world class Dominican, Sumatran, and Nicaraguan leaf. The 5 Vegas Classic line is rolled with the true essence of old world Cuban tradition, all at an everyday cigar price.

When you’re wanting something perfectly consistent in flavor and construction, you simply can’t go wrong with a selection from the famous 5 Vegas line. Cigar aficionados of all types appreciate the quality and the reasonable price points that come with the 5 Vegas. The Triple A is no exception. The densely packed blend of premium Nicaraguan ligero leaves is heavy in your hand. You know you’re going to be in for a real treat. The blend is chock full of flavor from espresso, cocoa, oak, leather and black pepper. This beautiful maduro is rich and tasty that produces thick milky puffs of smoke. Check out the Triple A today!

This smoke is a ‘golden’ opportunity to experience something mellow and sweet. Sometimes you need a change of pace cigar. Instead of another head-spinning smoke, sometimes you need a slower, sweeter, less intense smoke. The 5 Vegas Gold Maduro will fit the bill, nicely! Smooth, rich and sweet flavors work through this blend of aged Honduran and Nicaraguan long-fillers. You’ll notice hints of coffee, dark tobacco and white pepper throughout. The result is a medium-bodied smooth smoke that is as luxe as it is comforting! Check out the 5 Vegas Gold Maduro!

The 5 Vegas brand is replete with affordable, good-tasting, high-quality cigars. Its Series A cigars have earned a sterling reputation around the world. And no wonder; the Series A have an outstanding pedigree. Open a box of these fine cigars, and the rich tobacco and earthy aroma will awaken your senses. Take a full-bodied Ligero filler, and wrap it in a smooth, dark and chocolately Costa-Rican wrapper, and you’ll get a box of chocolates you won’t be willing to share.

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ABOUT5 Vegas

Available cigars by 5 Vegas include:
The 5 Vegas is a high-quality cigar at a very reasonable price, making it an extremely good choice for the money. These very factors have given 5 Vegas Cigars a wide following among cigar smokers over the years. All lines of this brand get an enthusiastic nod of approval from those who’ve enjoyed them again and again.
Of multi-national origin, 5 Vegas Classic Cigars start off with a blend of four-year aged Nicaraguan and Dominican fillers. Adding a note of mellowness, the Sumatran wrappers provide a flavorful counterpoint to the medium taste of the Classic. For those who prefer a slightly milder cigar, 5 Vegas Gold Cigars offers a smooth, silky, creamy experience, enhanced by the truly classic Connecticut wrapper surrounding the filler tobaccos. The lengthy ageing of these fillers gives the 5 Vegas Gold its legendary smoothness.
If you were one of the lucky few to score a stash of the 25,000 5 Vegas Limitada Cigars made in 2009, you are to be congratulated on your good fortune. 5 Vegas releases what can only be described as a vintage cigar each year, varying the filler and wrapper to create a unique experience. When cigar enthusiasts catch wind of the new release, there is a fervor usually associated with the release of this year’s Beaujolais nouveau in France.
If your taste runs to something more exuberant, choosing the 5 Vegas Series A is one of the best moves you can make when restocking the humidor. Its trademark dark Costa Rican Maduro wrapper enhances the overall strength and complexity of these big, bold, premium cigars.
5 Vegas Miami Cigars are described as pristine, rich, even rather elegant. Available in small batches each year, the 5 Vegas Miami was traditionally made in—where else?—Miami for the favorite local cigar aficionados. Its mystique is such that the Miami is kept under wraps for special-occasion smoking. The secret to its medium body and rich taste are the well-aged Central American fillers and the legendary Corojo wrapper. The 5 Vegas Miami is a bit pricier than other lines in the brand. However, those who have been initiated into its cult are willing to invest a little more.