What the Hell is a “Cigar Safari?”

The Drew Estate Cigar team are innovators, period. They do things differently. Not crazy, necessarily - they simply bring much-needed creativity, experimentation, and of course, swag to all of their efforts. It shows in their art, their inventive blends and methods, their names, and their factory tour experience. In essence, that’s what the cigar safari is – a factory and farm tour. Drew Estate has a few offices here and there, but the heart of the operation is lovingly called, “La Gran Fabrica". It’s located in Estelí, Nicaragua. And if you’re a big enough fan of Drew Estate, you just might make a pilgrimage down there, or at least scoot over the next time you’re in Latin America. Okay, maybe it’s not going to be the reason for an entire trip, but for what it’s worth. They try to make it a memorable experience. You tour factory and field, and also Subculture Studios, the creative lab of Drew Estate Cigars. Maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of the next big thing in its incubation state, or maybe you’ll see all the things that don’t make it to market? According to the Drew Estate folks, you get to experience everything that goes into their cigars, “From seed to shelf.” The safari also includes blending your own cigars, and maybe getting a custom work of art done in the studio. If you’re a huge Drew Estate cigar lover, this is probably for you. If you’re a huge cigar lover, this is probably for you, too. And if you’re just a huge lover, those dudes are nothing but love, so this is for you as well. A “cigar safari.” Put it on the bucket list!