5 Spring Cigars

Spring is springing and we're looking forward to a huge change in our smoking life: Instead of smoking inside and looking out at the snow, we'll be smoking inside and looking out at the greenery! We kid, we kid. We always smoke wherever we damn well please (so long as everyone else will let us), but when spring comes around, we want OUT. Here are five picks for this glorious new season. And we send our condolences to anyone with allergies who's about to go through hell for the next months as nature sprays itself all over the dang place.

Drew Estate - Nica Rustica

Drew Estate - Nica Rustica cigars When you think "rustic," you're thinking of humble rural places where people actually go outside still, right? Good. Us too. Just like a trip to the countryside will make you feel like you're using your senses for the first time, this smoke is a shot right to your olfactory nerve - BIG time flavor thanks to Nicaraguan Esteli and Jalapa long-fillers and a Mexican San Andres binder. Just like nature coming back to life, you'll be woken up for real with every draw.

San Cristobal - Elegancia

ancristobal elegancia cigars Ah, flowers. How we've missed you. Your ravishing colors... your subtle dancing in the breeze... your gentle elegance as you remind us to stop and enjoy life's pleasures. Like this stogie from San Cristobal cigars. This is a medium-bodied smoke that gives off creamy and nutty smoke with just a touch of spice. An artful combination, fit to rival a meadow returning to life. Or, you know, something you can smoke when you go muddin'. Your call.

Davidoff - Colorado Claro

Davidoff Colorado Claro Cigars After all those grey days, we can finally see the blue sky again. Claro, Madre Naturaleza. This smoke brings the best of the revived earth into a cigar. It's got a deep and complex profile with strong woodsy notes. You'll get nuts, leather, earth and everything you'd expect from a cigar in a 92-rated series with a fresh Ecuadorian Connecticut Sun Grown wrapper. Pop this one out and toast Mother Nature on another fine trip around the sun.

Rocky Patel A.L.R.

Sensitive to spring? You'll be cri-ing for a while yet. But maybe a bunch of smoke can cancel it out? What? It makes it worse? Ah well. The rest of us will smoke one in your honor. And this one's a doozy! Earthy flavors, a smell reminiscent of charred meat on the grill, and even some sweeter notes here and there. We'll shed a tear for our brothers and sisters who can't enjoy delicious smokes during allergy season.

Montecristo - Media Noche

montecristo media noche cigars Forget all this sweetness and light! Are you a Creature of the Darkness? Here's a smoke for you to enjoy this season. After the sun goes down and all that photosynthesis takes a break, fire up this cigar in the middle of the night and puff away. With a fragrant, oily Maduro wrapper, this one delivers full flavor to enjoy while you stare into the dark sky and contemplate another miserable sun-shiny day to come. Spring is here, friends - rejoice! Or hide in the dark. As always, the way you enjoy our smokes is up to you.