Top 5 Cigars After Your Kids Moves Out

It all started with a kiss. Now, a few decades later, here we are. The kids have all been shipped off to institutions of higher learning, signed over to Uncle Sam, or left by the side of the freeway on their 18th birthday to learn a few lessons from the School of Hard Knocks. No matter how you managed to finally cut the cord for real, it's time to take a seat and enjoy a well-deserved smoke. Later on you can get to work packing up kid stuff, scheduling yard sales, and figuring out what to do with all your newfound money and time.

Padron Family Reserve
Once upon a time, these smokes were made exclusively for the Padron family. Now, they've been sent out into the world, much like your young ones. The only difference is, the Padron family doesn't expect these cigars to show up on their door four years from now asking to move back in. With a 95 rating, we're betting very few of these will be shared at all. If you're looking for a complex, flavorful way to celebrate the newfound peace and quiet of your home, this is our first choice.

Romeo y Julieta Vintage
You're now headed back to the olden days, back when you and your spouse had the house all to yourselves. It's a vintage experience, and calls for a vintage cigar. This offering from the ancient house of Romeo y Julieta features a tasteful light golden brown Connecticut wrapper and a bit of peppery sweetness. A nice easygoing smoke with beautiful flavors that's perfect for passing the hours in total solitude. Whatever you do, don't look at what your kids are posting to social media right now. (Hey - it's a good thing they didn't have Instagram for your freshman year, right?)

San Cristobal Elegancia
"Elegancia" means you can have nice things again. No teenage boys tumbling through the room like boulders in an avalanche. No hormonal young girls slamming doors and telling you why you're the worst parent in the world for your latest enforcement of healthy boundaries. Nope. Now your home is truly your castle. Buy something expensive and set it on a table. Bask in your glory. Try not to think of the probability that it will be you who ultimately knocks it over when you finally get to try some nice beers for a change and the surprising 11% ABV (what is this, wine?) puts you on your ass.

Davidoff Winston Churchill The Late Hour
No more staying up to "The Late Hour" to track wandering little ones. Now you can go to bed at the natural parental bedtime of roughly 7:45 pm. Ahhhhh - it's good to have an empty nest. Then again, you could stay up doing fun stuff. (How does a person have fun, again?) Don't worry, it'll come back to you soon. And if it doesn't, just buy a Harley. Fun comes automatic with those things.) This smoke, featuring dark dessert flavors thanks in part to tobacco aged for six months in Speyside scotch barrels, is sure to give you comfort as you settle in for your new, glorious bedtime.

Montecristo Espada Estoque
An "espada estoque" is a traditional matador's sword. You've fought the bull (many bulls, perhaps), and won. Your kids are grown, now. Take a bow, soak in your applause, and enjoy the rain of flowers. This cigar offers a mix of rare and vintage tobaccos, and delivers a solid medium-full strength smoke. Puff away, and be transported to a simpler time. That next call for money should be rolling in in 3... 2... 1...