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You've got a pretty long checklist to handle after you check out of a marriage. But after 1) finding a good place to park your car when you sleep in it at night and 2) figuring out fun things to do from 10 am Saturday to 6 pm Sunday with three kids that just want to go home, you'll need 3) a great cigar (and probably 4) brown liquor, lots of it). Check out the best cigars to smoke after a divorce.

Rocky Patel 55

Do you believe in love after 55? Time to find out! This excellent smoke features an interesting balance of earthy, sweet, and spicy flavors. You can enjoy it while you browse hundreds of local profiles on - the premier site for senior dating! Stay away from Tinder unless you're hoping to pull a sugar baby.

Diamond Crown Original Torpedo No. 2 Black Diamond

What once was sparkly and shiny has now turned black. Unfortunately, you can't light that old engagement ring up unless you got it as part of the divorce settlement (in which case, fire up the smelter, we're comin' over). So do the next best thing: smoke a black diamond cigar and think back to that magical day when you asked your beloved to marry you. Ah yes, that's where it all went wrong.

Montecristo Espada

cigars for divorce "Espada" means "sword" in Spanish. There are many things you might like to take a sword too in the coming days. For now, instead, maybe light up this one? It's a gorgeous smoke, full of flavor and some of the best tobaccos from the Plasencia tobacco library. The master blenders truly outdid themselves with this one, much like the Lord did when he made your ex.

La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Reserva

Are you "reserving" your love? Yeah, better hold on to that for a bit and chill out. There will be plenty of time to find another soul to entwine with. For now, sit back and smoke a tasty one. The full body and Oscuro wrapper will hopefully transport you away for a while to a world where everything hasn't temporarily gone to shit.

San Cristobal Revelation

Many relationships end with a revelation. For example: "He's never going to give a damn about anyone but himself" or "She's a cheating harlot and no amount of attention from a single man will ever be enough." You get the idea. In this case, instead of a long, gradual process that ultimately leads to a painful truth, this smoke slowly reveals a more and more enjoyable flavor transformation. This is a relationship that gets better with time. Hopefully, next time around, so will yours!

Davidoff Aniversario

Imagine this: it's your anniversary with someone completely new. You're both happy, treat each other well, and can't wait to celebrate the passage of another fine year together. The future looks bright, and you're eager to share the rest of your days with your new partner. If you can dream it, you can do it. And there's no better place to dream that dream than wrapped in a big white cloud of Davidoff's aged Dominican tobacco. It'll get better, friend. Hang in there.