Smoking cigars today may be a very un-politically correct subject, and perhaps cigars may be an un-politically correct gift... but I'm quality cigar smoker - and I'm proud of it!

I am very respectful of peoples rights to avoid my smoke... I don't smoke inside in restaurants, or in bars or even in my car when a nonsmoker is riding along. Outside, I am consious of the wind direction and the proximity of others around me... plus I blow the smoke as high into the air as possible.

But society needs to respect my right to smoke. I enjoy tastful short stogies at lunch hour and also evening-long churchill sticks after dinner. I especially enjoy the quality cigars sold at . Both the dark, chocolate wrappers and the brown, mild flavorful ones.

So you can't think of what gift you can get me... visit I will always cherish the gift of a quality cigar!